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2017 Duval County Middle School Schedules

JACKSONVILLE- Hot off the press is the 2017 Duval County Middle School football schedule via the Duval County School Athletic Director Tammy Talley.

The season kicks off Sept 12 with 12 games including a rematch of the 2016 county championship game between Matthew Gilbert and Fletcher. All games are tentatively set for 5:30 however some could be changed later to in school games or night games.

Other notable games are Jeff Davis at Fletcher (Sept 19), Ribault at Kirby Smith (Sept 26), Dupont at Mandarin (Sept 26), Dupont at Twin Lakes (Oct 10), Arlington at Fletcher (Oct 24), Jeff Davis at Jeb Stuart (Oct 24), Ribault at Gilbert (Oct 24), Twin Lakes at Fletcher (Oct 31) and Gilbert at Jeff Davis (Nov 7).

#5 Montranious Mack and #2 Chris Freeman

#5 Montranious Mack and #2 Chris Freeman

Week 1, Sept 12

Twin Lakes at Stilwell

Ribault at Baldwin

Oceanway at Landmark

Northwestern at JW Johnson

Mayport at Dupont

Mandarin at Arlington

Lake Shore at Landon

Kirby Smith at Southside

Kernan at Jeb Stuart

Jeff Davis at Highlands

Fletcher at Gilbert

YMLA at Darnell Cookman

Open: Fort Caroline


Week 2, Sept 19

Northwestern at Gilbert

Ribault at Oceanway

Kirby Smith at Highlands

Mayport at Darnell Cookman

Landon at Stilwell

Landmark at Twin Lakes

Lake Shore at Mandarin

Kernan at JW Johnson

Jeff Davis at Fletcher

Jeb Stuart at Arlington

Fort Caroline at Southside

Dupont at Baldwin

Open: YMLA


Week 3, Sept 26

Ribault at Kirby Smith

Gilbert at Oceanway

YMLA at Northwestern

Jeb Stuart at Lake Shore

JW Johnson at Jeff Davis

Southside at Landon

Dupont at Mandarin

Darnell Cookman at Twin Lakes

Mayport at Landmark

Fletcher at Fort Caroline

Arlington at Kernan

Stilwell at Baldwin

Open: Highlands


Week 4, Oct. 3

Arlington at Mayport

Baldwin at Jeb Stuart

YMLA at Ribault

Darnell Cookman at Mandarin

Fletcher at Kernan

Fort Caroline at Landmark

Highlands at Northwestern

Kirby Smith at Oceanway

Lake Shore at JW Johnson

Twin Lakes at Landon

Southside at Dupont

Stilwell at Jeff Davis

Open: Gilbert


Week 5, Oct 10

Dupont at Twin Lakes

Fort Carolina at Arlington

Gilbert at Kirby Smith

Highlands at Ribault

Jeff Davis at Lake Shore

Jeb Stuart at Stilwell

Baldwin at JW Johnson

Kernan at Mayport

Landmark at Fletcher

Landon at Darnell Cookman

Oceanway at YMLA

Southside at Mandarin

Open: Northwestern


Week 6, Oct 17

Baldwin at Jeff Davis

Fletcher at Mayport

Darnell Cookman at Dupont

Highlands at Gilbert

Kernan at Fort Caroline

Kirby Smith at YMLA

Stilwell at Lake Shore

Landmark at Arlington

Mandarin at Landon

Oceanway at Northwestern

Jeb Stuart at JW Johnson

Twin Lakes at Southside

Open: Ribault


Week 7, Oct 24

Arlington at Fletcher

Baldwin at Lake Shore

YMLA at Highlands

Jeff Davis at Jeb Stuart

JW Johnson at Stilwell

Landmark at Kernan

Landon at Dupont

Mandarin at Twin Lakes

Mayport at Fort Caroline

Northwestern at Kirby Smith

Ribault at Gilbert

Southside at Darnell Cookman

Open: Oceanway


Week 8, Oct 31

Arlington at Southside

Darnell Cookman at Fort Caroline

Gilbert at YMLA

JW Johnson at Mayport

Landon at Kernan

Mandarin at Landmark

Northwestern at Ribault

Oceanway at Highlands

Twin Lakes at Fletcher

Open: Jeff Davis, Jeb Stuart, Lake Shore, Stilwell, Baldwin, Kirby Smith, Dupont


Week 9, Nov 7

Baldwin at Northwestern

Dupont at YMLA

Fort Caroline at Kirby Smith

Gilbert at Jeff Davis

Highlands at Lake Shore

Jeb Stuart at Ribault

Stiwell at Oceanway

Open: Mandarin, Twin Lakes, Fletcher, Southside, Landmark, Kernan, Arlington, Landon, Darnell Cookman, JW Johnson, Mayport