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Jr Pee Wee Forest View Steelers prepare to face Sweet Water Ravens


Under the lead of head coach Eric Wesley FVAA JPW Steelers are ready to take on Sweetwater Ravens. Coach Wesley, a sheriff with Jacksonville Sheriff Office has been coaching with Forest View Athletic Association for 18 years. He bleeds black and gold.His passion to coach came about while being a sheriff officer and noticing that most men/boys who get in trouble are a result of an idol mind.


He uses this platform of coaching as another method to reach the youth throughout the community.

“All men are created equal some just work harder in the off season” – Coach Eric Wesley


Forest View is one of the oldest athletic associations around with a rich history. His purpose for coaching is bigger than football, it entails teaching kids how to excel in the classroom. His methodology states that if you can get a student to put forth the effort and go over and above on the field, you can transform that same dedication to how he approaches his classwork and attitude towards school. His team consist of many All American athletics meaning athletes with an all A average. Forest View cares not only about the skills of an individual but helping mentor them to become the men they need to become to excel in the classroom as well as in life.


Thus far, Forest View has been dominating the field over their competition, but they remain cautious towards the game with Sweetwater this weekend. A 45 – 0 win over their opponent last weekend, Coach Wesley mentioned that“Sometimes you need humble pie to bring you back in.”


Referring to his team and while they are on a winning streak thus far, they recognize that Saturdays game against Sweetwater will be a good one and a loss sometimes maybe what you need to keep you humble and grounded. Coach Wesley mentioned that Sweetwater has a record of winning more championships than anyone in the county, but Forest View JPW is hungry and ready for a win.





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