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Area Sophmores are fastest in the nation!!

Northeast Florida has some of the fastest track & field athletes in the nation, and we have the numbers to prove it! In a recent article by, they listed the top 200 fastest girl 200 meter runners in the nation. What may surprise you is how many were from right here in our neck of the woods.  Check out the class of 2018 track stars and their fastest recorded times this year below.

Cedar Creek-Tamara Price 26.43
Bolles- Caitlin Collier 26.41
Bolles -Aunikah King 26.37
Bartram- Autmn Diallo 26.25
Westside- Jayla Brown 25.94
Bolles- Tiera Cleveland 25.65
Atlantic Coast – Cara Simpson  25.47
Raines- Gionet Dennis 25.4


For a complete list of the top 200 girls,  200 meter athletes check out the article below.