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Bears and Wolverines… Two Battles; Two Different Outcomes

The Woodland Acre Wolverines and the Clay Bears youth football parks battled Saturday in a much anticipated regular season contest.

The 14U Clay Bears continued their perfect record against the Wolverines winning 54-6 . The Bears offense stayed in the endzone the entire game, moved up and down the field, and made some remarkable deep passes. The two who remained in the endzone were, No. 2 Jayden Turner and No. 8 Denali Lindo . Lindo not only scored on the offensive side, but the defensive side as well. Lindo caught a pick six for 54 yards. Turner scored a TD as the clock expired. The QB, No. 3 Kenneth Huff, was not afraid to throw down the field at all. Huff threw for 150+ yards in the game. Huff also ran the ball several times to move the chains. The defense performed perfectly against the Wolverines offense. The defense forced some fumbles which they recovered and converted for touchdowns. They also pushed the line of scrimmage, and allowed for minimum yardage on pass and run plays.

No. 2 Jaylen Turner's Final TD of the Game

No. 2 Jaylen Turner’s Final TD of the Game

No. 8 Denali's interception

No. 8 Denali’s interception

Issac Chaffin amazing catch

Issac Chaffin amazing catch

A huge killer in this game for the Wolverines would be the special teams. Special team’s players dropped the ball countless times on kickoffs that was recovered by the Bears. Some seemingly lacked the instincts to go to the ball at the onset of the kick. On several kickoffs, Wolverine players just stood around the ball, very uncharacteristic of the typically well coached team . The offense could not get anything going for themselves. n addition, the defense could not stop the run game at all either. In order to have a chance to win their next game, the Wolverines need to improve certain areas to shore up their team as a whole.

One of Wolverines' fumbles on special teams

One of Wolverines’ fumbles on special teams




The 8U game was the most competitive game I’ve seen in youth football. This was a very defensive game. Both teams were the perfect match for each other.

The Bears were up at halftime 6-0. No. 1 Tyrone Neal scored a 40yrd TD with 1:14 in the 4th quarter that made the score 12-13. The crowd went wild, and the game was in the Bear’s claws. But there was a flag on the play. The refs deliberated on the call for what seemed like hours. Finally a call was made, holding on the Bear’s. The TD did not count and the Bear’s were brought 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Besides the game ending turnover, the Bears were on the ball. The Defense pushed the Wolverines behind the line of scrimmage numerous times. Before the Wolverines could hand the ball off, the defensive line was already on the Quarterback and Runningback. The defensive player of the game was No. 88 Kendric O’Neal. O’Neal stopped several run plays before the RB could run the ball. The offense made some mistakes, turnovers were the enemy, but did make some impressive plays. The offensive player of the game was No. 1 Tyrone Neal. Neal scored 2 TDs that were taken back because of flags. Neal also found openings several times that gave the offense first downs.

The Wolverines were on the money in today’s game. The Defense did a magnificent job at reading the Bears’ offense, and stopping plays before the Bears’ could run the plays. The defense also push the Line of scrimmage back several yards. The Defensive player of the game was No. 40 (Wolverines) for his excellent awareness. In particular on a double reverse that he read which pushed the line of scrimmage 5 yards back. The offense lagged a little until the second half. No. 21 scored both TDs- one TD he returned for 47 yards.

No. 21 Wolverines TD

No. 21 Wolverines TD

No. 27 Wolverine's run

No. 27 Wolverine’s run

DuvalSports looks forward to see these two teams next week take on their opponents.



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