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Bleeding Black and Gold

What does it mean to be a Forestview Steeler? Well first of all you must be undefeated on the season (7-0). Next, you must have the #1 defense in Junior Pee Wee holding all opponents to 0 points on the season. Then you must posses a bruising offense that dominates the line of scrimmage and playmakers that can score from anywhere on the field. Lastly, you must be a winner.

These are just some things you must accomplish to be a Forestview Steeler. It is a mentality that is taught even before the young men and women step onto the football field. Hard work, dedication, commitment, and trust is what separates this team from the others in their division. That separation will be tested in the playoffs today as Forestview takes on Sweetwater in the first round. Last year this team fell to Grandpark in the championship game, and Head Coach Wesley knows that they have unfinished business to achieve.


“Champions do things that others don’t want to do” -Coach Wesley

It’s the hard work that Forestview puts in each practice that separates them from their opponents. Yet the Steelers know that they still have work to do to be mentioned in the same circles as the Grand Parks and the Sweetwaters of the city. Their talent this year has enabled them to be mentioned in those circles however.


Quarterback Chris Calhoun is one of the most dynamic play makers in the city at the position. Kenton Kirkland is the vocal leader on the team and their big play threat at receiver. He also plays outside linebacker.  Deven Hopkins is the defensive leader and anchors the line. He is a technician, focusing on his technique constantly. They all bring different attributes to the table meshing with the other talented players of the team.


Ultimately to be a Forestview Steeler you must bleed black and gold. It is a term the team takes to heart each time they take the field. When they play the city’s best in the playoffs they will always give their best. And the best is yet to come for this incredibly talented team.



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