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Bolles can’t keep pace with Booker T

Orlando FL    It was a great run, but the 2014 edition of the Bolles Bulldogs ended Saturday evening without a State Championship. Bolles fell to Booker T Washington 54-35 in the Class 4A State Championship game. This was the third time that Bolles has come up short to Booker T in their last few meeting in the playoffs.

The game began with the two teams feeling one another out. A drive by Booker T was stopped by a blocked field goal by Bolles. And a drive by Bolles was thwarted by tough defense by Booker T. The score at halftime was just 13-7 thanks to a TD by Bolle’s Christian Bermudez. But the second half picked up furiously. After Washington scored to make it 19-7, Bolles drove back down the field to answer with a Joe Edded 1yd TD run to make the game 19-14. Another score by Washington would put them up 26-14 at the end of the third.



In the fourth Bolles attempted to make a rally. Edden hit Kevin Ackerman and Dexter Carter Jr for passing touchdowns to keep it close, but they could not keep up with the Tornadoes big plays. Late in the fourth it was 54-28 when Bolles added another TD from Edden to Tyrell Moore to close out the scoring.

Bolles had a long and tough road to travel, but they exceeded many’s expectations. For Coach Corky Rogers and the storied Bulldog program, anything less than a championship is probably considered underachieving. But the Bulldogs represented Duval with pride and heart as they’ve always done. And this year was no exception as seniors like Edden, Bermudez, and Carter can hold their heads high knowing they ended their High School careers playing at a very high level.



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