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2015 Year In Review: Bolles Rolls over West Nassau 56-6; Corky Rogers Wins 450th Game!

At halftime with Bolles leading West Nassau 35-0, many may have wondered if they were indeed watching two undefeated teams clash in a most anticipated district battle. But reality set in quickly in the second half not only for spectators but for West Nassau, as Bolles scored 56 points in route to their sixth victory on the season. It’s the second time this year the Bulldogs have put up 56 points and one shouldn’t mistake this occurrence as a coincidence. Bolles came out ready to make a statement early, and it was heard loud and clear to all who witnessed.


  Bolles began the scoring when E.J Porter took the hand around the right side for the easy five yard touchdown run. Porter would also get in on the action on defense intercepting the pass from West Nassau’s Bryce Jenkins and taking it 60 yards for the touchdown to go up 14-0. At this point the route was on as the Bolles defense would force West Nassau to give the ball back to the Bulldog offense leading to two more scores including a pass by Quarterback Mac Jones to the corner of the endzone to increase their lead. The Bulldogs would go on to add five more touchdowns on the evening .

West Nassau suffered some injuries Friday night making it even harder to compete with the Bulldogs. Without standout Ke’Shan Pennamon, the Warriors were like a team caught going the wrong way through a revolving door.

But injuries did not decide this one as Bolles scored in every faze of the game. #26 Isaiah Westbrook scored on a kickoff return to solidify the hat trick for the Bolles scoring efforts on the night.

West Nassau will file this game away and use it as a measuring stick for their program. Although the team has been very successful this year, to be placed in a district with Bolles and Raines gives Coach Rickey Armstrong an up hill coaching climb. They’ll look to climb up and out against Nease.



As for Coach Corky Rogers, the wins just keep on coming. This mark’s his 450th career victory, an incredible feat for the Coaching Hall of Famer. His team responded tonight in typical Bolles fashion making a statement for their coaches 450th win. 451 will be tough as they face Lake City Columbia next week. But for today, Congratulations to one of the very best Coaches to roam the sideline. Coach Charles “Corky” Rogers.





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