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CYAA Makes History at AYF Nationals!

Lost in the hype of the Sweetwater Pop Warner National Championship and the MOT attempt at their 7th overall National title, was a remarkable story of some of the most talented athletes in the city. The CYAA/CMI Wolverines navigated an impressive regular season, and a run all the way to the AYF National Championships.


The Wolverines left a trail of destruction this season, but they also reeked havoc in the post season as well.
In the playoffs, CYAA defeated the Oviedo Knights in the 1st Round 36-0. They then would take down the highly touted Gainesville Rattlers in the 2nd Round 13-6.

Next, the Wolverines would defeat the Bradenton Gladiators in the Southeast Regional Championship 26-19 to become AYF Southeast Regional Champions. As Regional Champions the Wolverines qualified to attend the National Championships.

At Nationals, CYAA played hard and valiantly, but came up just short of their National title goals. They were defeated by the Leominster Blue Devils in the 1st Round(New Hampshire) 32-25, and fell to Greater Crown Town Sabres (Charlotte North Carolina) 26-12 in the consolation round. Although they didn’t come away as being crowned National Champions, they did accomplish many things this year including being crowned city champions and regional champions.


In doing so they became the first team in their park’s history to advance to Nationals and be crowned regional champions. It’s a testament to Coach Warren Smith, Sidney Madison,Park President Arthur Johnson, and the entire staff of volunteer coaches and parents. Not to be left out are some of the dynamic playmakers that guided this team to victory week in and week out. Players like #1 Emmanuel Haynes, #14 Deiondre Atkins, #21 Mikey Hays, #15 Breeland Madison, #12 J-kwon Mitchell, #5 Kysaun Jones, #10 Wendell Russ, #55 Alexander Magee, and others played a vital part in the team’s success.

Look for this squad to be one of the city’s finest spring 8 on 8 team’s this year, as they feed off a remarkable fall season as champions.




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