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Duval Sports Boys Basketball All Gateway Tournament Team

It’s time for the boys gateway tournament team selections, and just lIke the girl’s team, it is selected by me based on my observations in the tournament. There are a few surprises on the list but for the most part if you saw the tournament you’d probably concur with my selections. So without further delay check out the 2016 Duval Sports Boys Gateway Tournament Team below!



Anthony Jeanty PG

Ed White



One of the most dynamic players in the tournament was  Anthony Jeanty of Ed White. Jeanty has impressed all season as one of the top scorers in the city. Jeanty has a skill set unlike any other. He possesses the quickness and speed to leave defenders in their tracks. And he has the explosiveness to jump out of the gym.  He can score from anywhere on the court. His efforts propelled White over Lee in the first round. Then Anthony would lead all scorers versus Wolfson as his team fell short of victory. Still, his scoring effort against two of the best guards in the city in Railey and Yusef Banaga was extremely impressive. And it’s why he is a must for this team.

Tyriek Railey

Wolfson SG

IMG_8021 (800x533)


Tyriek Railey is one of the most gifted basketball players in the city. He led Wolfson to the championship game showcasing his ability to score at will, but also the ability to distribute the basketball and get teammates involved. Railey is confident in his ability to get the job done, which is what separates him from his other talented teammates. He drives to the basket with intensity and finishes strong. His signature moment of the tournament was against Terry Parker when he scored 36 points, 31 of those points were in the second half! He has unlimited range in the half court, which makes him almost unguardable by just one player.

Terry Stripling  SF


IMG_8046 (800x533)

Terry Stripling was the leader of the Trojans in the gateway tournament. Against their two toughest opponents, Stripling led his team in scoring. Against Paxon he scored 20 points, and against Wolfson he scored 19 points, both very impressive feats considering the talent he faced at the guard position. Stripling is not the best ball handler, he’s not the fastest player in transition, he doesn’t have the prettiest shot, but he knows how to win. That knowledge of winning is partly because the stud athlete also stands out on the football field. But in the Gateway Tournament, he decided to stand out again. He was not afraid to pull up for a three pointer from deep behind the arch when his team needed a big shot. He would knock down his free throws, something that Ribault struggled with has a whole. Terry is always confident in his abilities to prevail in the end, and that confidence ignited his team to their sizzling play in the tournament.

Erik Hill PF

Terry Parker


A surprise pick to this list is Parker’s Erik Hill. At the power forward position, Hill uses his wide frame well to grab rebounds. He moves excellently without the ball and is always getting his hands on loose balls or shot attempts. Against Raines, Hill led his team to victory with key plays that don’t show up in the stat column at the end of the game. On one play he rejected a Vikings offensive player attempting a shot that would’ve given them the go ahead score. Instead, the block allowed Parker to regroup and gain a critical turnover to virtually end the contest. He hustles to ball and he’s got ups as well. Dunks arn’t easy to come by, but Hill showed he can get lift off at the rim. A mix of savvy play and athleticism is a great quality to have on this team, and a must.



Darias Hicks D block


IMG_8082 (800x533)


One of the most intimidating figures in the Tournament was Ribault’s Center Darias Hicks. Hicks was a force in the paint throughout each round. In a city where having a height is lIke striking gold, the Trojans struck it rich with D-Block in the Gateway Tournament. In the championship, his presence exposed the true lack of size that Wolfson was without. Wolfson’s guard’s and forwards were able to out run, and out gun everyone until they faced Ribault in the championship. They could run, but they couldn’t gun because Hicks contested every shot. He blocked several layup attempts in the championship game and scored almost at will when he had the opportunity in the paint.


6th Man

Andre Nelson


Nelson has led Paxon this season on the court and the gateway tournament did not derail this train from going full speed ahead. This young man scored  21 points in a tough loss to Ribault but he led his team to wins against Atlantic Coast and Fletcher. Other players were certainly worthy of this honor including Raines Trevon Laidler and Solomon Kinley or Parker’s Malcom Richardson, or Wolfson’s Yusef Banaga. But Nelson has proven that he can score to keep a lead and to mount a comeback. A sixth man should definitely be counted on to hold down the fort until the Calvary comes, as well as sliding right into the starting lineup. He can certainly do that! He’s a smart and very instinctive talent.



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