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Duval Sports: Middle School Power Rankings Week#3

Power Rankings

  1. Gilbert (2-0)– Their going for 67 wins in a row , and they defeated the one team that some thought could possibly challenge them in the conference.(Northwestern). Not so fast though.. Oceanway might have something to say about that today.
  2. Fletcher (2-0)- Their a big team and they are confident. They put a shellacking on James Weldon last week. 42-0
  3. Highlands(2-0)- Kirby provided no test for this team last week. They looked fast and focused!
  4. Mandarin(1-1) – They bounced back nicely against Stillwell. It was a must win on the road and they got it!
  5. Oceanway(2-0)- They make our top ten after an inmpressive win over Ribault last week. They leap frog to #5 wit ha big test against Gilbert this week!
  6.  Jeff Davis (2-0)- They appear for the first time in our rankings. They are 2-0 anyway you slice it. Just win baby Just win!
  7. Landmark (2-0)- It was an impressive win against southside rival in week #1, not so much against Landon in week #2. But they still got the win. They dropped on our rankings though.
  8.  Jeb Stuart- (2-0)  A very nice win last week put them on the map and on the rankings!
  9. Stilwell(0-2)- They lost their first two games of the season to playoff teams from last year (Mandarin and Fletcher). But they are still a good team and belong on this rankings even with a 0-2 record.
  10. Northwestern (1-1) It was a disappointing showing against Gilbert last week, but they’ll bounce back . They barely stay in the top 10 after falling from last week.



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