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Duval Sports Power Rankings Week #2 Duval County Middle School Football

Week #2 was the week of the blowout. Of the twelve scheduled games in week two of the Duval County Middle School football season, all but one ended in a shutout. That’s right only one game ended where the opponent scored a point. It truly wasn’t much to write home about, but even so let’s see who moved up, down, in, or out of our power rankings heading into week #3!



  1. Ribault (2-0)- Ribault remains atop our 2017 power rankings after defeating YMLA 43-0. Highlands will be a good test for the new and improved Colts.
  2. Gilbert (1-0)- The defending champions were on a bye week and didn’t have the opportunity to move up or down our rankings. Two weeks to plan for Kirby Smith is all Coach Dorsey, Coach Holloway and the Panther’s coaching staff needs to make a statement in week 3.
  3. Fletcher (2-0)- Fletcher is rolling right now. Kernan played Arlington tough but Fletcher made them look like tissue paper in a 28-0 royal flush.
  4. Jeff Davis (2-0)- 52-0 is how you send a message to another previous 1-0 team like Stilwell. They shoot up three spots after their week 2 romp.
  5. Twin Lakes (2-0)- Twin Lakes showed that they can turn the tide in the blink of an eye. They turned an 8-0 lead late in the 2nd quarter into a 38-0 final versus Landon.
  6. Dupont (2-0)- Dupont has lots of weapons, but they still need that signature win to climb up our power rankings. 20-0 win over Southside won’t do it, but a win against a team they’ve never beaten since the inception of the middle school championship series just might do the trick. They get their shot at Twin Lakes this week!
  7. Jeb Stuart (2-0)- Jeb Stuart proved that they are just as powerful as the rest of them, after a 38-0 shut out of Baldwin. Stilwell gets the challenge of stopping this hot team next.
  8. Arlington (2-0)- Arlington keeps on trucking after their 28-0 win over Mayport. With every win this young team gains confidence before their tough tests.
  9. Landmark (2-0)- Landmark made easy work of Ft. Caroline in week #2. They’re game of the year is this week versus Fletcher. This is a must win for them.
  10.  Kirby Smith (1-1)- Kirby Smith rebounded with a 28-0 shutout of Oceanway. We told you this team was good. Now they get a chance to really shake up the North division if they can some how upset Gilbert this week.

Honorable Mention: Highlands (1-0), Mandarin (1-1), Lake Shore (1-1)