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Duval Sports Spotlight: Aubrey Washington II

There comes a time in a person’s life when they realize what God placed them on this earth to do. For Aubrey Washington that time was at the age of four, and that purpose was to play basketball. Aubrey is a junior shooting guard for the University Christian Basketball Team, but he began playing basketball long before his high school days. At four years old Aubrey played at the YMCA off Cleveland Road, a well-known venue for young athletes around the city. There he learned the fundamentals of the game and the thrill of the sport. He would then move on to play AAU ball where he was introduced to the competitiveness of sport. Said Washington of his time playing there, ” Some of the top kids play AAU basketball”. IMG_6722 (800x533)In Middle School you could find Aubrey playing for Jefferson Davis Middle, where he without question had fun playing the game of basketball, but also began to yearn more from an X’s and O’s perspective.

In High School, Aubrey mirrored the path of NBA star Lebron James, taking his talents to First Coast his ninth grade year, then to the Potter’s House his tenth grade year, and eventually ending up at University Christian for his eleventh grade year. Aubrey likes the environment that UC provides him. He sites the school’s structure,  academic prowess, and chapel services as some of the attributes he loves best about the school. ” I plan on staying there for my senior year” said Washington of his intent next year. He has teammates that are eager to continue the success they experienced last year. One teammate in particular is closer to Aubrey than the rest. His best friend Terry Wallace, who Washington notes as someone he “just clicked with” on the team. Aubrey’s cousin Don is also a influential figure in the athlete’s life because of his humbleness and his hunger to be great. Two things Aubrey pushes for every time he steps onto a basketball court.

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It’s hard to be humble and great sometimes as athletes but Aubrey seems to manage the two very well. He scored 39 points in a game versus rival Duval Charter, and 32 points against Eagles View. When asked what he’s feeling when he’s in a zone like that seemingly scoring at will, Aubrey’s reply was ” I just wan’t the ball in my hands”. IMG_6743 (800x533)A strong confidence matched only by his compelling meekness. Aubrey attributes his success and notoriety in part to the training and support provided by Nekeyma Martin. Martin has been instrumental in the development and maturation of Washington on and off the court. Said Martin of his son, ” He told me what he wanted, he expressed to me what he wanted to do, so I made it my goal to help him achieve his dreams”. Martin’s relentless approach focuses on instilling in Aubrey the will to always push himself. Martin doesn’t just plan to push his son, he plans to push other young adults who have the desire to chase their dreams.

For Aubrey Washington his dreams are quickly becoming a reality. After being recognized by several media outlets around the city (Duval Sports being one of the first), he is slated to attend several invitation only basketball camps this off-season. An honor that comes with the territory of success. Success that Aubrey Washington was destined to achieve.

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