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Duval Sports Youth Player of the Week! Week #3

He’s brought together an entire community with his heart felt gesture to honor is late brother. He’s inspired his local athletic park through his play on the field. And he captivated everyone at Gator’s Dockside Baymeadows and the Duval Sports Show by his incredible strength. Jnathan Jackson of the Moncrief Broncos is more than just our Duval Sports Youth Player of the Week,  he is a living symbol of joy and hope.

This wasn’t necessarily the case just a few months ago, when Jnathan lost his younger brother Christopher Scurry Jr in a tragic accident at their home. All he knew was the pain of losing his brother, and the uncertainty of how he and his family would find hope in their time of despair. But Jnathan as always been an optimist, and he turned a tragic situation into a timeless statement when he decided to get his brother’s picture placed on his football playing socks and arm sleeve.

Jnathan’s gesture has captured the hearts of many around the city, but he didn’t decide to do this for the praise from others. No, he had a much more significant reason to wear his brother on his football clothing.

” I wear them because I know he is always with me out there on the field”-Jnathan Jackson

Jnathan is strengthened by the fact of knowing that he is accompanied on the field by his brother. This outside linebacker and running back is extremely gifted on the field at many positions, but now he can rest assured that he is also gifted on the field by his brother’s presence. Something that he and his entire team can be inspired by.

The Moncrief Broncos athletic park as certainly been inspired. President Darrell Bonnett intends to honor Christopher with the release of blue balloons at the park. Blue was the favorite color for Chris.


Congratulations to our Duval Sports Youth Player of the Week,  Jnathan Jackson!


*Special thanks to BIGG VP Photography for the use of their pictures.