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Energy,Intensity,Stature: Andrew Jackson Football 2014


At the Leon Washington Foundation camp earlier this year, there were a lot of volunteers  participating in the charity event. From NFL players to youth football coaches, there was an abundance of football talent on the field. But from the very beginning there was one man that visibly stood out from the rest. With a megaphone in his hand, he barked out instructions moving from drill to drill ensuring that participants were doing them correctly. Energy…..Intensity…..Stature…. These are the words that describes the Head Coach of Andrew Jackson Tiger Football team when he is coaching. A noticeably humble individual, Coach Edwards donates his time and effort to service. Not only did he volunteer at the camp, but he routinely picks up kids who don’t have transportation to football practice.  But on the football field, Coach Edwards turns into a different person. Energy…..Intensity…Stature…. these characteristic are indicative to  how his football team will be in 2014.




DS jackson2

Senior WR Trevor Wright

The offenses energy will come from senior WR Trevor Wright. He is the leader of the receiving group and captain on the team. Like his coach, the 6’0 ft,  167lb  play maker possesses a business approach to the game. You can tell that he reserves it off the field in order to leave it all on the field. Look for great things from Wright this year.



The defenses energy will be powered by senior LB Darian Sutton. A leader on the field with the ability to play at the next level, Sutton will be a key part to the Tiger’s success.




Emmanuel Sturdivanet DE,

DE Emmanuel Sturdivanet, DL Pat Jones, RB Tracy Russell, OL Zuriel Davis, RB Raekwon Wall, LB  Jacquan Holt, DT Travarius Shanks,

Raekwon Wall RB/QB  Jr

Travaris Shanks DT

These guys may not be the fastest, the tallest or the strongest, but they will give you everything they have on the field. Jackson has an enthusiastic group of players with high motors that can change the outcome of a game at any moment with their effort. In football you need players like this, and the good thing for the program is most of the team is made up of  intense football players.




Those high energy guys may not be the biggest, but these guys coming up definitely are. Like their former offensive lineman head coach who’s stature is over 6’3 ft and 300-plus pounds, these guys are easy to spot on the field.

Jaquan Holt – 6’2 200lbs LB/RB  Jr

Holt  punishes linebackers when he runs and vice versa when he plays linebacker.


Zuriel "Big Kountry" Davis

Zuriel “Big Kountry” Davis

Zuriel “Big Kountry” Davis 6’5 315lbs   OL  Soph

Davis is a mammoth that can move. We saw this on display at the Leon Washington camp. He has all the tools to be the best OL prospect in Jacksonville by his senior year.


OL/DL Patrick Jones  Sr

Look out for Jones who will be returning after suffering a knee injury last year.



08/22/2014 7:00 PM EDT at Samuel W. Wolfson High School Wolfpack Stadium
08/29/2014 7:00 PM EDT Atlantic Coast High School Tiger Stadium
09/05/2014 7:00 PM EDT at Jean Ribault High School Jean Ribault High School
09/12/2014 7:00 PM EDT Terry Parker High School Tiger Stadium
09/26/2014 7:00 PM EDT at Sandalwood High School Saints Football Stadium
10/03/2014 7:00 PM EDT at West Nassau High School West Nassau High School Football Field *
10/10/2014 7:00 PM EDT First Coast High School Tiger Stadium
10/17/2014 7:00 PM EDT at William M. Raines High School William M. Raines High School *
10/24/2014 7:00 PM EDT The Bolles School Tiger Stadium *
10/31/2014 7:00 PM EDT at Baldwin Middle-Senior High School Baldwin Middle-Senior High School *
11/07/2014 7:00 PM EST Robert E. Lee High School Tiger Stadium


Jackson will again play a very intimidating schedule, as five of their opponents were playoff teams last year. There is a sense that the Tigers will take each opponent game by game. And with many of theses contest rivalry games, anything can happen.


Students of the game



I really like what Coach Edwards is building over on the Eastside. Main Street was once a place teams didn’t want to travel to for fear of a loss. That’s changed in recent years.  But this year expect the Tigers to pull a few upsets and improve from their 0-9 record. As long as they stay healthy look for the Tigers to have a winning record and finish behind Bolles and Raines.


Special Thanks to Andrew Jackson High School, Athletic Director Henry Colado, Head Coach Vernon Edwards and the football coaching staff for your support of Duval Sports.



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