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ESYFL Spring AllStar Game

It was a beautiful day at Lions Park in Arlington as the Home of the youth football Arlington Seminoles hosted the ESYFL Spring AllStar game. It was a successful season of spring 8 on 8 football and each team received votes for players to be named to the annual game. There would be a total of four divisional games including Mighty Mite, Junior Pee Wee, Pee Wee and JV. Each division would have a north squad and south squad (Blue vs Red) comprised of selected players from participating parks. Each team would be headed by selected coach’s from the league. See below for the list of coach’s and teams.

Mighty Mite …..(MMNotrh,Westside,West Duval,Baymeadows,Jax Beach,and Argyle Soldier’s) coached by COACH CRUMP VS COACH SED ….(MMSouth, Fleming Island,Arlington,Mandarin,Wolverines, and Raw Soldier’s)

Jrpw…..(North team, Arlington St.Aug, Wolverines, and Jax Beach Soldiers ) coached by COACH TIM …(South team, Maa, Wfl, Clay PAL, and Baymeadows Soldiers) Coached by COACH FRANKIE ROBINSON

PW…. (North team, Wfl,Argyle,and Jax Beach Soldiers) coached by COACH GRIFF AND COACH FRED HIGHSMITH ….(South team,Maa,Wdya,and Arlington Soldiers) coached by COACH JEREMY MCKNIGHT

JV…. (North team, Normandy, Callahan, and Wolverine Soldiers) coached by COACH JARVIS …. (South team, Maa, Jax Beach, Arlington, and BYAA Soldiers) coached by COACH DEAN AND PEACOCK

Check out some of the action below from each game. (Some games were forfeited before the end reflecting simply a win or loss.

Pee Wee

#3 Nunv Samuels and #5 Ahmari Mahon led the Red team to a 26-6 win over the Blue Team. #9 Dominique Alexander scored the lone TD for the Blue Team. A great effort by both squads and great seasons by all players.

Mighty Mite

Mighty Mite action featured an exciting back and forth contest with players trading scores. In the end #7 Juron Thomas and the Red AllStars couldn’t keep up with Lamar Kelley and their Blue All star opponents capping a successful Mighty Mite Season in spring football.

Junior Midget/JV

The big boys got it on as the Junior Midget /JV division clashed. Antonio Clary started the scoring quickly as he “Mossed” his defender in the endzone on the first drive. But the big man Isaiah Flowers showed why football is a big man’s game rumbling for several scores as his Blue Allstars defeated the Red Allstars.

Junior Pee Wee ended the afternoon with high flying show stopping action. Pound for pound these kids were the toughest and most explosive bunch of the afternoon. Je’Kel Wilmer flew high for the Red Allstars and Michael Hayes stopped the show for the Blue Allstars. Great game and great season by both teams.

Check out more of the ESYFL All Star game action below in our photo gallery!

Special Thanks to ESYFL. For more information about ESYFL visit their facebook page HERE

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