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Final Regular Season Week :Middle School

The final week of the middle school football season has come and all the players, coaches, volunteers and parents should be commended on a successful year of competitive sport. But as in every year only the select few can earn the right to play for the city championship, and the last week of the season decided some of the fates for these teams. Lets take a look at the final week run down and who will be advancing to the city playoffs.



Week #6
Butler-22 vs. Highlands-24
Ribault-30 vs. Kirby Smith-20
Oceanway-38 vs. Northwestern-14
Gilbert vs. Bye
Mayport-34 vs. Landmark-0
Ft. Caroline-12 vs. Arlington-34
Fletcher-22 vs. Kernan-0
Twin Lakes-16 vs. Southside-8
Landon-37 vs. Darnell Cookman-0
DuPont-16 vs. Mandarin-46
JEB Stuart-0 vs. Stillwell-56
JW Johnson- 30 vs. Baldwin- 0
Jeff Davis -0 vs. Lake Shore-22


A Kansas City Tie Breaker @ JEB Stuart decided the representative of the West Division.

Participants = Lake Shore, Stilwell JW Johnson

Winner = Stillwell


Congratulations to Stillwell, Fletcher, Mandarin and Gilbert for advancing to the City Championship Playoffs!



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