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Game Time: Middle School rundown!!

Not to be re-missed from all the youth football  playoff action and the High School district rivalry action,  is the Middle School football action. Twelve games were on tap on Wednesday October 21st 2014, and here’s a brief rundown of what went down..

Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School: 14

Fletcher Middle School: 16
This beach battle between division rivals ended just like it should. A close hard fought game by both teams is what you would expect from Mayport and Fletcher. With the win, Fletcher keeps pace with Arlington for the division lead. Although Fletcher must attempt to put up more points in case of a tie as Arlington scores alot of points. Mayport is still in the hunt but cant afford to lose any more games.

Alfred I. DuPont Middle School: 0
Twin Lakes Middle School: 35
We wrote in a story a few weeks ago that Twin Lakes was on the move.  They garnered a big win over Dupont this week to keep within striking distance of Mandarin for the division lead.

Arlington Middle School: 44
Kernan Middle School: 0
Arlington wanted to make a statement versus Kernan and that they did. There was no let down after their big win over Mayport last week  They are proving to be a focused team. And as long as they keep scoring they way that they are, they’ll hold tie breakers over any team that contends for the division with them.

Darnell Cookman Middle School: 8
Mandarin Middle School: 36
Mandarin keeps rolling along as they defeated Cookman this week. Something must be in the water over there in Mandarin as the High School, Middle School, and Pop Warner Junior Midget team are all playing really good football this year. Next up for Mandarin Middle is showdown with Twin Lakes.

Fort Caroline Middle School: 6
Landmark Middle School: 7
Fort Caroline desperately needed this win, and they played very inspired football. Its a testament to the fight and character of the team and coaches over there. But the Seahawks were just to much for them on this day as they puled out the win by one point. Landmark is still in it for the division crown.

James W. Johnson Middle School: 28
Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership: 16
This was the game of the week as Stilwell came into the contest undefeated at 4-0 leading the division. But James Weldon Johnson  knew that a win would put them in position to overtake Stilwell. The two teams are tied  in the division with Stilwell holding a 112 to 80 points advantage over JWJ in the tie breaker.

Julia Landon College Preparatory & Leadership Deve: 24
Southside Middle School: 0
This was a shocker as we thought Southside would put forward a better showing. Landon obviously came to play this week, and the with the win the Lions improve to 2-3.

Kirby Smith Middle School: 42
Northwestern Middle School: 6
Kirby Smith is a team with two identities. Their win against Northwestern is their most impressive of the season, and it came against a very good team. But which Kirby are we going to see week in and week out? This one or the one that lost to Gilbert and Highlands? They’ve proven that they cane beat anybody.

Lake Shore Middle School: 45
Baldwin Middle-Senior High School: 0
Lake Shore put up impressive numbers against Baldwin this week. This could be the game for them that starts a winning streak. Baldwin will look to get their first win of the season against Stllwell next week.

Matthew Gilbert Middle School: 18
Jean Ribault Middle School: 8
Congratulations are in order for the Panthers of Gilbert as they won their 60th game in a row. They had to do it the hard way against a good hard hitting Ribault team. In a year once again filled with  high expectations for the Panthers, they continue to meet each goal. The playoffs are in sight for this dynamic team. Congratulations to Coach Holloway and Coach Hicks
coach holloway and hicks

Photo by: Cristal Nicola

Oceanway Middle School: 0
Highlands Middle School: 8
A team on the rise is Highlands. After their week one loss to Gilbert, they’ve slowly begun to put the pieces together and stack wins in the W column.  This was a close game by two comparable teams. Oceanway has suffered some close losses this year, but its clear that their break through game is coming.

Check out the Middle School standings HERE
Cover photo courtesy of Allisha Bell-Williams




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