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Hard Loss For Jackson But Heads Held High; Saints 2-0!

Sandalwood stayed conservative throughout the game, relying on its defense to shut down the Tigers and force turnovers. Sandalwood’s scores were very consistent as the final score indicated (42-8). Their were great performances by the Saints all around. Some of their players that stood out were QB Eli Peters, WR Phil Benker, OLB Bradley Jennings, and MLB LaBryson Dixon. As for the Tigers they ran the ball up the field, and converted a few first downs. Some of their key players were RB Raekwon Wall, OL & DL Zuriel Davis, CB Matt Wilson, and CB Myles Wilson.

The tale of the game is in the stats: Quarterback Eli Peters completed 8 of 11 pass attempts for 72 yards, just 6.3 yards per completion. But Peters ran the ball well, including a 4 yard touchdown run. Hard fought loss for the tigers as they finish in week two with their first loss of the of the season. Sandalwood going into week three 2-0 on the season. This was a non-conference game.



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