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High School Football Power Rankings Wk#8

The Biggest Heisman Busts of All Time.



  1. Trinity– I got a chance to look at Lincoln last week in their win against Leon. A good team but they weren’t ready for the machine that is Trinity! #Beasts
  2. Raines– The Vikings made short work of the Tigers last week. They’ll look to do the same against West Nassau this week.
  3. Columbia–  The Tigers defeated Atlantic Coast in tough fashion. Fletcher will provide another tough game for them as well.
  4. St. Augustine – They are getting more and more respect around the state. Being Ranked #2 in the 6A State poll means people are finally seeing what we’ve seen all along. The Jackets are forreal!
  5. Mandarin–  Sandalwood was a tremendous test and they passed with flying colors. They jump up to number five after the very impressive win. Not necessarily because of who they beat, but on how they won.
  6. Bolles – Bolles falls courtesy of the Mandarin win. They’re opportunity to get back into the top three comes next week against Raines.
  7. University Christian–  UC is on a roll right now. I just wish they played some of the top 5 teams on the poll to have the opportunity to move up.
  8. Oakleaf– The Knights remain a bonified top 10 team in the city. They are playing good football right now.
  9. Bartram– They’ve lost three games but they’ve been extremely close losses to good teams minus Maintland. This will be a scary team to play down the stretch.
  10. Sandalwood– The Saints almost pulled the upset over Mandarin. At halftime they had the Mustangs on the ropes. Injuries take their toll eventually, but they still belong in the top 10 in the city.



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