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High School Football Previews: Jackson Tigers

The Jackson Tigers face an uphill battle this year as they attempt to rebound from their 2014 season . After going 2-8 last season, a coaching change was made mid-season, and Richard Barnes was named Head Coach. Barnes inherits a team with talent but little depth. In the Tiger’s preseason game they dressed just 24 players, and many of the starters play both ways. Iron man football is a thing of the past, as today’s High School programs many times scout and recruit for every position on the field. Jackson has fallen behind in that department and must resort to old school football to get the job done this year.


Miles & Matt Wilson

Roster :

Players that can make a lot of noise this season for the Tigers are DT/OT Zuriel Davis (6’3,  320lbs), Matt Wilson DB (5’9, 175lbs), Myles Wilson CB 5’7, 160lbs), Jerraud Webster S, ( 6’0, 180lbs), Antwoine
Bryant RB ( 5’9, 180lbs), Avery Green CB, (5’6, 150lbs) Furious Turner WR, 6’1, 175lbs, Jaquentyn Jenkins WR ( 6’1, 175lbs), and Raekwuon Wall (QB 5’8, 170lbs).  Wall and Davis will be counted upon to lead their team in several areas, ironically they are the exact opposites in stature. What Davis will attempt to exert with power and strength, Wall will try to gain advantages with his elusiveness and quickness. Watch out for Furious Turner as well. Look for him to surprise some teams on special teams and in the passing game.

2014 Recap & 2015 Outlook

4A Standings District 4


Jackson defeated Terry Parker and Baldwin, two of their hard fought victories. They were defeated by West Nassau by just one point. So its clear that the team kept some games very competitive. There’s no reason why the Tigers can’t compete  again this year. But they aren’t just content on competing, they plan on winning.



Zuriel Davis stands Tall for the Team

-Andre Ellis


Zuriel Davis has always stood out because of his size, but it wasn’t until he realized that he could use his size to his advantaged that he began to elevate his game.IMG_7258 “People looked at me because I was bigger, so I was like wow I can really do this”. Gaining confidence in his abilities has helped him become the leader of a team in desperate need of one. I first observed Davis at the Leon Washington Football camp in 2014. Davis was barking out instructions to young participants, and fellow high school players. Some of whom were older than him. But that didn’t phase Davis because he knows that his unique quickness sets him apart from other men his size. ” I’m humble because of past experiences. They make you realize that there are people watching you. I have to be a leader and think for the team, and you have to think for yourself”.

Zuriel can think quickly on the football field because he’s played most of his life. He staryed in the 5th grade at Pine forest (Pop Warner) then moved on to  the MOT Cowboys for their first year.FB_IMG_1439404430743 He then went on to Mathew Gilbert Middle School and then SOS Academy and AYF. This experience helped Davis be in the right frame of mind when he met coach Vernon Edwards at Jackson. ” Coach Edwards was my most influential coach. He gave me skills that were more than just football. He stayed on me and motivated me, made me look at life another way, by keeping my grades and my mind right”. Developing as a person is what prides Zuriel to exude confidence no matter the environment. There is a new environment at Jackson for Davis but he embraces the change and as spent all spring adjusting to new Head Coach Barnes philosophy. Coach Barnes system will utilize several hold overs from the previous regime including Defensive Coordinator Coach Corey from South Carolina. Davis is glad that he is familiar with the system, and hopes that his team can be clicking on all cylinders at some point in the season.



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