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High School Football Previews: Paxon Golden Eagles

Since 2010, Paxon has been steadily improving each year on the football field. With a 5-5 record last year there’s hope for optimism this year as Coach Steve Brown continues to rebuild the program. With rebuilding comes innovation, and Brown is already finding unique ways to stay ahead of the game. “We go in the morning all summer to keep them on the same schedule. The other reason we do it is we know there’s afternoon showers, and we’re not a neighborhood school, so it’s hard enough to get them here one time, let alone trying to get them here late in the afternoon”. Coach knows that familiarity and consistency are very important parts to the make-up of a winning team.

Speaking of the team’s make up, Coach Brown predicts speed and quickness. ” We lost a lot of size but we’re going to be a lot faster and stronger”. The speed will know doubt come from key players like Akari Boss (JR) , and the 6’3ft,  180lb Jacob Finn ( Sr). Another key returning starter is (SR) Garrett Evins 6’3ft 270lbs who will move people against their will. It’s an offense that creates a lot of excitement for the coach. ” I have a lot of three year starters;  On offense we’re going to be in pretty good shape. On defense we lost nine starters but we got three D-ends that are returning that are all three year letter winners we’ve got a mixture of talent  We’re going to be very junior/senior heavy this year”.


2 Akari Boss SB Jr. 5-9 150
4 Michael Hutchinson WR, SB Sr. 5-10 160
5 Tyriq Withers WR Sr. 6-4 185
16 Jacob Finn , WR Sr. 6-3 180
18 Elijah Padgett QB Jr. 5-11 181
21 Anthony Bell CB Sr. 5-10 150
25 Gabe Devoe RB, OLB Jr. 5-10 195
30 Thomas Frazer MLB Jr. 5-7 140
33 Bernard Jennings MLB, OLB Sr. 5-7 160
36 Jarvaris Young Sr. 5-6 195
50 Isiah Stanley T, G Sr. 6-2 245
55 David Sutton DT, G Jr. 5-11 270
62 Ryan Simmons Jr.
74 Garrett Evins C, T Sr. 6-3 272
90 Djordje Jagodic TE, DE Sr. 6-2 230
90 Jonathan Chasten DE, TE Sr. 6-0 205
95 Tedarius Abrams DE, DT Sr. 6-0 205
Karey McDougald Sr. 5-6
Quinlin Bisbee DE So. 6-1 202
Tony Weston So.

Look for Jon Chasten,  (DE) Sr, Ryan Abrams Sr (DE) and Djordje Jagodic to anchor the defensive line and be a strong point for the Eagles defense. It will be the responsibility of the coaches to get them ready for the up coming challenge. And the will of the players to take them to the next level.

2014 Recap & 2015 Outlook

5A Standings District 3

Several districts in the area have shuffled schools and some of the opponents for the 2015 Eagles will be new. But Paxon knows that their opponents arn’t their concern, they are trying to continue to improve their record from the previous years. They went 4-6 in 2013, 5-5 in 2014, and looking to go 6-4 in 2015. Being three minutes away from a playoff fight last year after losing to Ribault, the Eagles are looking to soar to the next level this year.


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Special Thanks to Coach Brown and the Paxon Golden Eagles Football Team!

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