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High School Football Previews: Sandalwood

The Saints are ready to be unleashed in 2015. A winning 2014 season worthy of being proud of, was yet met with disappointment by the Saints standards at 5-5. The Saints know that the only way to get better is to get bigger and that’s been a major focus of the team in the off-season. Sandalwood’s offensive line is led by senior Guard Chris Shuman (5’10ft, 300lbs), who is a hard worker and one of the strongest players on the team benching 400 lbs. Sophmore Hamilton Hawthrone is a very hard worker and could see a lot of playing time on both the O-line and D-line. Junior Tackle Sincere David stands 6’3ft 315lbs, and Henry Brooks (JR) is 6’4ft 330lbs anchoring a massive offensive line. 11816139_1475803876072352_6261175847278703858_o

The line is charged with protecting Senior Eli Peters. Peters, a commit to University of Illinois will look to captain the explosive Saints offense; an offense that will rely on Senior Wide Receiver Phil Benker to make big plays down field. Benker, who has committed to Indiana, uses his physicality to compliment his height and speed well. Peters also will use several compliments to his game to fuel the offense such as his pocket presence, arm strength, and running ability. Should be entertaining to watch the Saints toss the pig skin around in 2015.

On defense,Ameer Speed is a long rangy corner standing 6’4ft weighing 200lbs. This mo doubt is where the saints defense starts. He has the potential to be one of the nation’s top players by season’s end. Senior Linebackers  SaDarren Moody, John Clayton and Javon Darling will be in charge of controlling opposing offenses. Clayton is in the 300lb club on the bench press, and will use his strength to rush the passer. Moody transfers from Fletcher to add physicality to a defense that lacked it last year. Darling adds quickness and explosiveness to the unit which should make the defense versatile against different offensive units.



1 Daniel Bender WR Sr. 5-8 160
2 Jacquez Williams C, SS Sr. 6-2 185
3 Darius Williams FB Sr. 5-8 210
4 Devonte Harrison RB, CB Sr. 5-10 180
5 Quinn Lizzmore SS, CB Jr. 5-10 180
7 Sammy “the jet” Francois WR, CB Jr. 5-9 165
8 Phil Benker WR Sr. 6-2 200
9 Ameer Speed CB Jr. 6-3 190
10 Brayden Matts FS Jr. 6-1 185
12 Eli Peters QB Sr. 6-3 210
13 Bradley Jennings jr OLB, MLB Jr. 6-2 220
14 Rz Mccorker WR So. 5-9 160
15 Edwin Carter WR So. 6-3 170
16 Johnathan”ducky” Walton WR Sr. 5-9 145
19 Josh Collins WR Sr. 6-5 185
19 Smith Kyle QB So. 6-0 175
20 Dale Fisher ii FB, MLB Sr. 6-0 230
21 Antonio Benker RB, WR Fr.
22 Wade L. perrier MLB Jr. 6-3 215
23 Alex Penn FS Jr. 5-10 175
24 Javaughn Darling DE, OLB Sr. 6-2 215
25 Zay Mchellon RB So. 5-8 175
26 Mesih Powell CB So. 5-10 165
27 Joshua Steward RB Jr. 5-7 190
28 Josh Mcmillan FB Sr. 5-8 240
31 Trevor Graham CB Sr. 6-2 180
32 Logan Wright Jr.
33 Cameron Davis OLB Jr. 6-3 235
37 John Murnin K Sr. 5-8 145
40 Andrew Motley 2nd RB Fr. 5-0 129
44 Malcolm Lee OLB Sr.
53 Henry Brooks T, G Jr. 6-4 330
55 Chris Allen C, DT Jr. 5-10 250
56 Jonathan Clayton DE, DT Sr. 6-3 270
64 Sa Darren Moody DE, DT Sr.
72 Hamilton Hawthorne G So. 6-2 290
75 Chris Shuman G, C Sr. 5-10 300
76 Luis Lebron G Jr. 6-4 335
77 Sincere David T, DT Jr. 6-2 310

2014 Recap & 2015 Outlook

8A Standings District 1


Special Thanks to Coach Adam Geis, the Sandalwood football team, and DreamKingz Films.

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