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In a visit with head coach Deran Wiley and the Raines Vikings football team this preseason, a few things that stood out to me was the amount of talent that coach Wiley had at his disposal, the extremely high competitive atmosphere and intensity, the Vikings had and put into each drill, and scrimmage. I also noticed the extra hard work,and commitment the Vikings had to getting better by alot of the seniors. Players like QB Augie Debeasi, and defensive backs Bishop Bonnett, DaJuan Jackson,William Westbrook ,Malik Goodman all stayed at least an hour after practice working on their assignments, technique and getting extra reps in. As the Vikings look to make yet another deep run into the Florida state playoffs and possibly win it all, coach Wiley told me leadership and effort like that from his seniors will be key in doing so. Some of the team strengths for this 2015 edition of the Vikings will be the overall experience of the team, fast and aggressive play on defense, the talent in its receiving core and the play from both lines.solomon IMG_5672 (800x533)

The Vikings will return 7 starters on offense and will be led by its big guy up front 6’4 350 pound Tackle Solomon Kindly. OLine coach Scarlett told me some of Solomon’s good attributes are his footwork, he’s powerful benching over 350,and he’s very athletic. Solomon has over 20 d1 offers from such colleges as UF,UM,UGA,FSU and Louisville to name a few. Coach Scarlett said Kindly will anchor a line that will be very physical, has 3 other seniors on it and can possibly go 8 or 9 deep.ronald p

Receiver coach Alton Jackson told me that he has a special group of receivers this year, his group is very diverse in talent,and all have different skill sets making it hard for defenses to key in on just 1 guy. They have two 6’2 receivers in Ronald Patterson and Jordan Rivers a 6’3 wr Rick Wells and a tall fast 6’4 Dalvin Storey a transfer from EdWhite. Two of the Viking team leaders in Ronald Patterson and UF COMMITT Rick Wells will also lead his group. Patterson who is 6’2 185 pounds has good route running and good footwork,great hands, very smoothe and is a gamer, who can have a easy 2 catches for 160 yards and 2td or a hard 12 catches for 80 yds and a score. Patterson has tons of D1 offers as well from almost every SEC and ACC school. Wells is a big 6’3 185 pound target who runs great routes and has good hand eye coordination, and can get separation very easy against dbs. Jackson told me is pleased with his young talent as well,players like 5’8 sophmore  George Webb who is a absolute stunner,and a playmaker. Freshman Matt Drayton who has all the  physical tools and atributes to be a allstar receiver for years to come in viking land if he continues to work hard and learn the playbook.IMG_6678 (800x533)

Offensive coordinator coach Daryll Pullins told me he is also very pleased with his overall offense in all phases, the line receivers,running backs,and his 2 qbs Augie Debiase,and Ryan Williams . Pullins said both his qbs are both special and each can hurt you in multiple ways.SR. 6’2 220 pound Debiase will lead the way,Augie who is a Fletcher transfer has 29 starts under his belt, comes with a lot of experience, leadership,and a very strong arm,coach also coach added Augie is a humble kid work works extremely hard,a student of the game,he loves to study film and he is grasping the offense very well. JR. Ryan Williams is a all around athlete who can play qb, wr, and give you a spark in the return game as well.IMG_5360 (800x484)

Coach Wiley said he will return 6 starters on on defense and that his unit will be smart,fast,physical, on every down. Their front 7 aggressive play his headed by Sr. Miami Commit Mike Pinckney. Pinckney is a very hard worker great against  the run and excellent at rushing the Qb,he can also cover, and play in space, Mike has a hi IQ and is the signal caller on D. Sr Dlineman Jaquan Baily is also a stud up front he is a athlete and has a good combo of speed and power.

IMG_4777 (800x449)IMG_5326 (800x512)

Wiley said he also expects big things from his dbs this year as well. The Vikings secondary will be led by 5 very hard working,athletic seniors in Bishop Bonnett,Malik Goodman, Dajuan Jackson, William Westbrook and Davonte Lawrence. In charge of help keeping that group on point with coach Wiley is coach TUFF!. Coach said Bonnett the only returning starter in that group is fast, has great ball skills,smart,savy, and has NO quit in him at all, and because of his height at 5’7 he may see a lot of balls thrown his way but Bonnett is very opportunistic and may provide the Vikings with much needed ints. Goodman had a 65yd pick 6 in the spring game vs Trinity is smart, a banger, a hitter and he love making plays on the ball all of which could propel Malik into having a breakout season. DaJuan season was cut short due to injury so he’s looking to get back on track with making big plays, Westbrook is great in run support he will come up and hit you and is good in coverage as well. Davonte transferred in from Ribault is also a playmaker.IMG_5656 (800x533) IMG_5659 (800x526)

The Vikings Special Teams unit will be led by the speedster Willie Wright. Wright won and placed in several national track invitationals this summer, and is always a threat to make a house call against any team. Bishop Bonnett will also be counted on this year to provide big plays in the return game.IMG_6677 (800x533)

IMG_6679 (800x533)


Raines Jv head Coach Lecount is tasked with getting the new young Viks acclimated into the ways of being a true Raines Viking. Lecount said his JV program is key to the future success of the Vikings as nearly all Raines varsity starters once played for him. Sophomores Lb Cameron Mackey and CB Shamari Jackson may see time on varsity this year, Mackey is a leader, solid tackler, can rush the qb very well and has been in the system since last year, Jackson is quick, has good hips and he’s also a good tackler. Lecount said he is excited to see his freshman class take the field this year, running backs Javon Bonsell, Brandon Marshall and Aric Horne are competing very hard. Bonsell is a strong physical tuff rb that can do it all. Marshall has good vision, can run with finesse or power and can make things happen, all 3 may play defense as well. Qb Jakari Gadson has a strong arm, accurate with the ball,and can provide big running plays as well. Matt Drayton and Gadson may  hook up for quite a few tds this season. Coach said he is also having fun teaching the game off football to Aric Horne who is a athlete that could play rb,wr,and a few spots on defense and also could be called up before years end.




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