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Kickoff Classic!!! Youth Football is Back!!

The Kickoff Classic featured several youth football programs from around the area competing in exhibition contests on Saturday and Sunday before beginning their regular season ventures later this month. Games were held at Ridgeview High School in Orange Park, and University Christian in Jacksonville. Check out some of the highlights from Saturday’s action!

Northside Stallions vs Clay Bears 14U


This game featured two very solid defenses. But in the end it was  #1 Isaac Chaffin with the play of the game to lead the Clay Bears over the Northside Stallions. A great effort by both teams in this contest revealed what Coaches over at Northside have been saying. The teams are building winners and will compete against some of the best.

More from this game in our special edition later..



Clay Bears vs F.L.A  12U

This was a game The Clay Bears defense stepped up big, getting the shut out against the F.L.A Vikings 14-0. One of the members of that defense , cornerback Devin Graham prides himself on shutting down his opponents. ” I like to help my teammates to make us all better”.  Graham also runs the ball for the 12U Bears and enjoys that position as well. ” I like scoring touchdowns; I feel like I help my team best at the runningback position”.  QB D’Marre Craddock led his team to the victory on Saturday using his long rangy athleticism. ” This is my eighth year playing in the organization but my first year starting at quarterback. What I like about (playing QB ) it is you get to know your receivers, know what kind of routes they like, and know where I should put it (the ball) at”.  In this practice game Craddock got to test his timing with his receivers. One big play receiver in particular for the Bears is Jocqua Keeton Jr.  Keeton knows that he and his Quarterback must be on the same page at all times to succeed. ” I figured out that you have to communicate with the quarterback very well, so that you can act in the game. This is very fun to do this as a little kid and learn young”.

Learning young is something this team has been able to do with Head Coach Debo. He’s seen this team grow up the ranks of each division and expects big things from them this season. ” Focus this year is to be humble, be prepared, and show great effort, be swift and daily on the field. Have great character off the field, its all about the team. I love the fact that they had me come back to coach this team with their last year playing at their park”. The Bears were looking forward to playing this game for a while now to silence some naysayers. It is unsure how quiet those entities will get after an exhibition contest, but one things for certain, the Bears showed many why they are former champions today.


8U Clay Bears vs F.L.A Vikings 

Head Coach and Park President Derek Neal has coached at Orange Park Middle, Orange Park Athletic Association, Clay Pal, and has led the Clay Bears the last couple years since establishing the park two years ago. His experience at different levels of youth football makes him appreciate not only his team but his opponents as well. ” The F.L.A Vikings are a tough opponent, top ranked in the league, didn’t know what to expect at first but defense stole the show”.  The Bears offense struggled a bit against the stout Vikings defense, but runningback Tyrone Neal scored a 30 yd TD and 15yd TD to get them over the top. But the defense with DE Ethan Strother forced three turnovers which was the difference in the game.

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6U Brentwood vs Clay Bears

Have fun looking at the little guys & girl running with the pigskin! 

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Miami Gardens Chiefs vs F.L.A Vikings 

One Coach is quoted in saying ” it was over before it started, these boys hit the holes like they were coming out of the block”.  There’s no denying that the football talent at the bottom of the map is the best in the country, and each year a team gets to test they’re might against one of these juggernauts. In this particular matchup it was the F.L.A Vikings representing Duval going head to head with the Miami Gardens Chiefs representing Dade County. The end result, a 36-0 drubbing in favor of Miami. The Chiefs moved the ball at will against a Vikings defense that’s prided itself on stopping their opponents.  But they simply could not keep pace with players like ‪#‎0JamesPiere‬
‪#‎7JaylinCollins‬ ‪#‎3TywanCash‬ ‪#‎2DariusChester‬ ‪#‎10MarcellusCullbreath‬‪#‎1tyronStreeter‬ who were notable players on an entire offense that DreamKing Filmz voted as players of the game. The F.L.A Vikings took the challenge and got better the moment they stepped on the field regardless of the outcome. They will surely bounce back from the loss, learn from the experience and get better in the areas needed.





Check back for more kickoff classic action this Sunday!

Special thanks to Clay Bears, F.L.A Vikings, Brentwood, Miami Gardens & Northside Stallions


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