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Kirby Smith Knocks Oceanway From The Unbeaten!!

In Middle School basketball action, the Oceanway Buccaneers fell to the Kirby Smith Comets 53-51 giving the Bucs their first loss of the season. Kirby Smith came to play and led after every quarter of play except one.
It was a back and forth contest as both teams seemed to score at will.



The Comets were led by Karim Getzen who made plays with the ball in his hands. He had eight points at the half. Saunders and Johnson led Oceanway back to take the lead at halftime. Johnson had 6 points, and Saunders had 11 points.

In the second half Kirby kept the pressure on Oceanway to make difficult shots. The Bucs had made these shots in the games previous to this one, but they would not fall in this contest. Kirby seemed to play inspired ball knowing that they had to have this game if they wanted to stay in the hunt for the playoffs. Thanks to Karim Getz 18 points and James Walton’s 10 points the Comets would prevail over the Buccaneers. Both teams are now 5-1 and tied with Matthew Gilbert in their division who also has just one loss.



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