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Mandarin Brings the Rain Against Sandalwood

Balls rained down at Sandalwood Tuesday night, thanks to the performance of the Mandarin Mustang Softball team. Hit after hit after hit defined their night as they defeated the Sandalwood Saints 10-0. They were playing for the fourth time this year and as one Mustang fan noted ” it’s hard to defeat a team four times “. But the Mustangs were clearly in a zone that resonated throughout each player. #15 Kelly Taylor slammed a home run early in the contest to set the tone. #12 Alexa Moore knocked in a run to increase the Mustang lead late in the contest. #21 Kendall Reid was again a consistent force for her team going 3-3 at bat and scoring twice.

Sandalwood was unable to ignite their bats on the night. They struggled to connect with the change-up from Mandarin’s pitcher Mackenzie Kern. The one opportunity they had to score ended in runners being stranded on every base. They also were unable to cool off Mandarin’s bats with their pitching, as the Saints cycled through pitchers early in the contest. In the end it was an impressive performance by the Mustangs who will advance to face First Coast for the District on Thursday.


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