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Matthew Gilbert Panthers Wins Middle School Championship!!!

Congratulations to the Mathew Gilbert Panthers for winning the 2014-2015 Middle School Football Championship. Gilbert defeated the Fletcher Senators  18-6 to win their 63rd game in a row, culminating in another City Championship. The Panthers were led on the ground by #4 Javon Bonsell aka “Biscuit who had over 200 yds rushing , 2 Tds, and 2 interceptions to go with it on defense. gilbert5Bonsell ran behind a massive offensive line anchored by Big Howard Ford that opened up gaping holes for the hard running back all evening. Gilbert’s defense also stiffled the Senators bruising ground attack holding them to just 6 points. Panthers Head Coach Dorsey on the win ” I feel really good about the win and how our boys played knowing that Fletcher was going to come at us and how we came back at them, this was a good game to end (the season) on.Flecther showed exactly what they’ve shown all year. Heart, grit, and determination are just a few words to describe the battlers from the beach. They battled hard to the bitter end, and this unique group of guys built off a playoff birth last year to a championship appearance this year. Who knows what the future holds for Coach Marty McCauslin and his team if they continue the upward trend theyve achieved the last few years.

But this year once again the Gilbert Panthers  own the title. Assistant Coach Michael Holloway said of the team, ” We told our team that Fletcher was here for a reason, we knew they were a reselient team and they showed it tonight. All year we’ve been a second half team. Every game after halftime they’ve responded and thats what they did tonight. ” Gilbert will celebrate the win but knows that the football offseason is never long. They’ll be preparing soo for another run at a championship and extending a winning streak toward the decade.

The Middle School Championship series was played at Ribault Senior High School . The third place game featured Stillwell vs Mandarin and congratulations goes out ot both schools for successful seasons. Stillwell got contributions from Quarterback Jared Sapp to WR #2o Dillon Gregory.  #11 FB Jared Lewis also got in on the action as Stillwell bested the efforts of Mandarin’s TE Randy Haynes, and RB Tyler Derigorio at halftime. Mandarin would prevail in the end. Both teams had successful years and look toward next year as the road to their division titles goes through their back yards next year.


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