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Wk #2 Middle School Football Power Rankings & Previews

After one week of the Middle School Football season, teams now begin their  playoff push in week #2. Some may say that week two of seven game season is to early to characterize a playoff push but it is quite the contrary. Teams in the Middle School Conference must posses the best conference record in order to advance to the playoffs, and today is the beginning of many team’s conference games. Check out our first power rankings of the season for middle school, and the week # 2 schedule below.


Power Rankings

  1. Gilbert– 65 wins in a row , and they defeated the one team that we thought could possibly challenge them in the championship game this year 28-0 (Mandarin). They’re challenge will come from within their conference, and it starts with Northwestern.
  2. Fletcher- Their win over Stillwell was very impressive in our book. Of  the four teams that were in the playoffs last year, Fletcher has the most players returning for their eigth grade seasons. Veteran leadership makes this team very good.
  3. Highlands- This team has the size to challenge the bigger teams and the speed to challenge the smaller teams. Kirby will give them a true early season test.
  4. Northwestern– The word is that this team could challenge for the title. Well their title game is this week against Gilbert.
  5. Ribault– Speed kills and this team has it. They can jump out early on you and team’s are forced to play catch up. Oceanway presents a challenge for them because they slow the tempo of the game.
  6. Mandarin – It was an ugly loss at home to the defending champions, but the Hawks will try to get back in the air against Stillwell.
  7. Landmark- It was an impressive win against a southside rival. But Southside isn’t what they used to be. The Seahawks must prove it again this week against Landon.
  8. Twin Lakes- It was a close game last week for Twin Lakes. They showed they can compete, and that will get you on this list every time! Let’s see how they do against Mayport
  9. Kirby- It was a low scoring affair against Mayport, but Mayport is no push over. They squeak into the top ten after the win.
  10. Stillwell- They lost their first game to a playoff team from last year. It was alot of mistakes made in the game, but a win against another playoff team from last year in Mandarin erases the sour taste from week one.


5:00 pm –

         Home                                                                        Away


Arlington Middle School (0-0-0)  – vs –  Lake Shore Middle School (0-1-0




Baldwin Middle-Senior High School (1-0-0)  – vs –  Alfred I. DuPont Middle School (0-1-0)



Fort Caroline Middle School (0-0-0)  – vs –  Darnell Cookman Middle School (0-1-0


5:00 pm – Highlands Middle School (1-0-0)  – vs –  Kirby Smith Middle School (1-0-0)



5:00 pm – Kernan Middle School (0-1-0)  – vs –  Jefferson Davis Middle School (1-0-0)


5:00 pm – Landmark Middle School (1-0-0)  – vs –  Landon  (0-1-0


9/23/15 : 5:00 pm – Southside Middle School (0-1-0)  – vs –  J.E.B. Stuart Middle School (1-0-0


5:00 pm – Twin Lakes Middle School (0-1-0)  – vs –  Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School (0-1-0



5:00 pm – Oceanway Middle School (1-0-0)  – vs –  Jean Ribault Middle School (1-0-0)


5:00 pm – Matthew Gilbert Middle School (1-0-0)  – vs –  Northwestern Middle School (1-0-0


5:00 pm – Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership (0-1-0)  – vs –  Mandarin Middle School (0-1-0)








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