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Middle School Power Rankings Week #4!!

Check out this week’s Power Rankings for Middle School!

  1. Matthew Gilbert (3-0)– The streak is still alive after a tough game against Oceanway. But even tough teams fall to the Gilbert Machine
  2. Fletcher- (3-0) If you haven’t noticed we’re very high on this team, and after a 40-0 blanking of Arlington you should be too!
  3. Highlands(2-0)- They are well balanced and explosive. They’re eyes are fixed on
    Gilbert, but hopefully they handle the business in front of them first.
  4. Oceanway (2-1) – Only in Middle School can you lose to Gilbert 20-0 and move up in the power rankings. It shows just how much weight you carry by playing the mighty panthers tough.They held Gilbert to only one touchdown in the second half. Gilbert had averaged four touchdowns in their second half of play.
  5. Landmark( 3-0)- The Seahawks are coming! The Seahawks are coming! What a great win over Kernan 43-0! Wow
  6. Twinn Lakes( 2-1)- I really like this team. After a win over Mandarin they prove that they mean business!
  7. Jeb Stuart(3-0)- A very nice win over westside rival Jeff Davis! Should be a good one versus Lake Shore today in week #4.
  8. Mandarin- (1-2) It was a tough loss to Twin Lakes. But it was more towards how good Twin lakes is not how bad Mandarin is.
  9. Stilwell (1-2)- A close win against JWJ keeps them in the top 10
  10. Lake Shore( 2-1)- A big win over Baldwin gets them in the top 10!



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