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Middle School Week #2 Recap & Preview

*Gilbert silenced those who thought Northwestern could move in on their championship territory with a dominating performance in the second half. Northwestern was extremely hype and confident coming into the contest, but that could not translate into speed and power as Gilbert increased their winning streak to 67!

Arlington Middle School: 0
Lake Shore Middle School: 36
*Lake Shore rebounded nicely against Arlington after falling to Ribault in week #1. The defense pitched a shutout and the offense was able to put up 36 points. Arlington’s first game of the season wasn’t the showing they wanted, they’ll look to rebound today against Fletcher who is already 2-0 on the season. Lake Shore faces Baldwin

Baldwin Middle-Senior High School: 6
Alfred I. DuPont Middle School: 13
*Baldwin fell to Dupont last week in a close contest. Dupont rebounded from a week one loss to Oceanway to get a win for first year head coach Marquise Lundy. At 1-1 its a nice start for Dupont as they face Landon this week.

Fort Caroline Middle School: 24
Darnell Cookman Middle School: 0
*Darnell Cookman is 0-2 after losing to Fort Caroline in week #2. Cookman’s offense must improve after failing to reach the end zone in both of their contest this year. Fort Caroline started their season off right after the bye. At 1-0 they host the always competitive Mayport today.

Highlands Middle School: 32
Kirby Smith Middle School: 0
* Highlands proved they are ready for the big time after their defeat of Kirby. Kirby has alot of young players and it will be a  growing experience for them this year. They look to take the next step against Ribault. Highlands has a bye.
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Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership: 6
Mandarin Middle School: 18
* It was a competitive contest between two good teams last week, but Mandarin was to much for Stilwell. At 0-2 Stilwell must try to climb out of an early hole after playing two good teams. They  get a good shot to do that against JWJ. Mandarin and Twin Lakes will face one another.
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Kernan Middle School: 8
Jefferson Davis Middle School: 30
*Jeff Davis went to 2-0 after defeating Kernan last week. A decisive victory for the team that will now test their might against another 2-0 team in Jeb Stuart this week.  Kernan saw offensive improvement this game scoring 8 points . They scored 0 points in week one. They’ll look to increase the defensive effort and offensive effort against Kernan Blvd rival Landmark .

Landmark Middle School: 6
Julia Landon College Preparatory & Leadership Deve: 0
*Landmark went to 2-0 on the season after defeating Landon. This game was quite different than the Southside game for Landmark last week, as Landon proved they could challenge the Seahawks. This is the second team in a row that Landon challenged but could not defeat, they’ll look to get over the hump this week.

Oceanway Middle School: 24
Jean Ribault Middle School: 10
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*Oceanway showed balance on offense and tenacity on defense with their big win versus Ribault last week. They have their biggest test of the year today against Gilbert. And from what we’re hearing its going to be their biggest game in the city. Ribault could not make enough plays in the second half last week. They must turn it around this week.

Twin Lakes Middle School: 16
Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School: 6
*Twin Lakes defeated Mayport last week to get their first win of the season. This was a big win for their program in the conference. Mayport must try to get something going in their conference game today to prevent from falling behind.

Fletcher Middle School: 40
James W. Johnson Middle School: 0

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*Fletcher shut out James Weldon Johnson last week to start their winning streak of the season. The defending middle school runner-ups look poised and focused this year once again. JWJ started their season off with a tough one. They’ll look to bounce back this week.


J.E.B. Stuart Middle School: 42
Southside Middle School: 8
*JEB Stuart is 2-0 after their strong performance against Southside. Its going to be another battle in the western conference this year with teams like this playing well. Southside has alot of heart and fight and will be sure to surprise someone this year. It could be this week.




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