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Moncrief Broncos Train for Life

The Moncrief Broncos have begun their off season training program with a strategic goal in mind for the youth; create winners on and off the field. The Walk like a Man Sports group founded by Walter Ford and Darrell Bonnett has made it their mission to mold young athletes into successful men in life.

President of the youth foundation Glenda Hawkins oversaw the conditioning camp this past weekend that featured several young athletes striving to get better on the gridiron. 


The camp was facilitated by several coaches from the Moncrief Broncos including Coach Quintin McCall (11 & 12 yr olds), Coach Bernard Brown (youth mentor), and Coach Alex Davis (14yr olds) to name a few.

Davis is in his 2nd year coaching for the Broncos after several years with Scott Park. ” We’re trying to keep youth out of trouble. Many youth have been killed right outside these fences”. Coach Davis knows in order to keep the youth safe from an environment that poses significant risks, he and the other coaches must prepare the youth to be mentally tough. “We’re trying to create winner on and off the field. ”

Two players that are benefiting from their experiences are running back Darryl Johnson and offensive lineman Ben Kunkel. Johnson is a 15 yr old running back for the broncos who has been playing for six years. Johnson’s chiseled makeup separates him from ordinary fifteen year olds. He hopes that his play on the field also separates him from the rest. Kenkel is separated by sheer size alone. The fourteen year old is 6’2, and every bit of 280 pounds. Both players are excited about playing 14U in the St. Johns River Youth Football League, and excited about the horizon for their teams.







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