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MS Basketball: Kirby Smith Boys To Much For Northwestern

Kirby clamped down the defense Thursday afternoon, as they defeated Northwestern 38-15. #22 David Daniels was Mr. Everything  for Kirby, grabbing rebounds, driving to the basket, and knocking down shots. Yet this effort was all about team, as #33 Janorris Robinson controlled the paint with his size and strength. You heard it here first, this is kid will be a force on the next level. He is built like he’s already in High School. Remember that name! 2-12-15 015

Northwestern picked it up in the second half with hustle plays. It was evident that they would not give up until the final buzzer. They began to harass Kirby’s shots and contest their layups making for a pretty even third quarter. But in the fourth, Coach Antwan Lewey made some adjustments and  turned up the pressure on defense, turning steals into layups. Lewey said after the game, ” Our focus was to play good defense and they did that today. Our only loss was to Gilbert they have a nice team over there”.  It’s evident that talented Kirby Smith may be on a collision course with Matthew Gilbert. They split both games so far this year. Northwestern will try to get back on track next week.


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  1. Tonyia

    February 17, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Why wasn’t #23 mentioned? He turned up the defense for Kirby converting those steals into layups. Recardo Harris is a name you shouldn’t forget.

  2. Randy

    February 20, 2015 at 8:06 am

    #23’s pics are all over this article Tonyia. That’s not enough? My son didn’t get a pic or a But I’m glad someone is supporting middle school sports! Great article

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