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Pop Warner Nationals!

Congratulations to the Junior Pee Wee Div II Creeks Outlaws for their victory last weekend at the regional finals to advance to the Pop Warner National Championship Playoffs. Saturday, Dec. 6  at 11:00 AM  on Field 19, they will face the College Station Raiders (TX). The outlaws look to bring home their second straight championship ring for the park, as their Pee Wee team won the title last year.



Good Luck to the Outlaws as they continue their quest for the Pop Warner Super Bowl!


Pop Warner Super Bowl 58



Congratulations to the Div-I Junior Pee Wee Grand Park Trojans on a successful 2014 season. After advancing to the regional finals, the Trojans were defeated, falling just short of the National playoffs. Their effort and accomplishments on field are to be commended.


Photo Courtesy of Aluoch Moody

Photo Courtesy of Aluoch Moody


Ironically, the two teams representing Greater Jacksonville played each other for the first game of the regular season this year. Who could have imagined that both of their seasons would make it this far together after beginning on the same field.

Week 1 Pop Warner Scores






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