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Safety is the Name of the Game!

Growing up one of my favorite pastimes was playing sports.  It was the best part of being a child, where I made the most lifelong friends and learned more about myself.  However, sports are only fun when we play it safe getting hurt is not.  I know we watch T.V. and see many professional athletes getting hurt and it seems so cool but not until we have a true injury do we realize this is no laughing matter.  Here are a few steps we should take to ensure or decrease the possibility of a sports related injury.  I know it’s the boring part of playing but it’s a must to continue the fun.

Warm Up

I couldn’t stand when the coach said ok time to warm up, stretch, take a lap, etc.  It was the WORST part of practice.  My thoughts were if you make me do this then I’m too tired to actually do what you want me to do, right?  I’m sure you could imagine the response and look I received.

Contrary to what I thought the warm up is essential to minimizing injuries as you wake your muscles up and get them going to prepare for the work they are about to experience.  Warm up allows your body to lengthen your muscles and increase your blood flow and muscle temperature.  Ideally you should start with a light jog then 15 to 30 minutes of slow, gradual stretching and now your muscles are ready to take on the challenge.

Know the Rules

So I’ve never played Soccer but I’ve played basketball, football, softball, ran track and more.  I wonder what would happen if I approached playing soccer the same as I would playing basketball. There is a ball and goal involved couldn’t be that much of a difference right?  NOT!  First it would be hard to bounce the ball on the grass and I’d probably get kicked in the head as soon as I bent down to pick up the ball with my hands.

Rules are put in place to reduce injury and to ensure everyone knows what is expected.  It’s not to take away from the game or to take the fun out of it.  Rules allow you to have an idea of what the other player is expected to do without communicating it and how you should respond.

Wear Protective Gear

So yeah sometimes protective gear can be uncomfortable but it is for your protection as well as others you are playing with.  The purpose of protective gear is to keep you from getting hurt.  What type of protective gear you wear depends on the sport you are playing.

Protective gear includes helmets, mouth pieces, shin guards, knee pads, eyewear and so much more.  Those bright and color cleats which we love to wear to complete our swag, are also a form of protective gear as they are specially made with rubber and plastic points on the soles to help us grip the ground when we run around.  Make sure you take to your coach and or parent to make sure you have on the “RIGHT GEAR.”

Don’t Play When You’re Injured

We only get one body when we are born.  Yes, we can alternate it and it can be replaced but it is never the same as the original part.  To avoid having more damage done never play on an injured or sore muscle, tendon, ligament or body aches.  While it is hard to stay away from what you love it can cost you in the long run and you may never be able to play again.  Always tell the truth to coaches and parents.  Listen to the advice of the doctor he’s the professional.  Sitting for a while could save the rest of your life.


While there are many other important things to follow in order to be safe.  These are a few of the basic requirements to be safe.  Listen to the coaches as they are tasked with keeping you safe but more importantly have FUN.




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