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Spring Football 2016: Excitement Brewing At Terry Parker

There’s a lot to be excited about if your Coach Tommy Balom of the Terry Parker Braves. Another year to fine tune what you began last year in your first year. Lot’s of returning starters, and a wave of momentum of overall athletic success that the Arlington school as enjoyed already in 2016. Their Baseball and flag football team’s both recently advanced deep into the playoffs and if you looked around, you probably saw Coach Balom there. He is a big supporter of the teams and athletes at the school, and in turn the athletes work hard and practice hard for him. This was the atmosphere at spring practice for the 2016 edition of the Terry Parker Braves Football team.

On offense, Parker has two very talented Quarterbacks pushing one another this spring. Erik Hill (SR), and Cameron Sapp (Sophomore). It’s a dilemma that Coach Balom is excited to have as he implements a duel Quarterback system to keep defenses off balance.

At wide receiver, Jai Williams had one of the fastest times in the cone drill at the Nike combine.He is a product of the Star Ready youth football organization and is blossoming well at the next level. Clarence Long, Joseph Jones, and Reginald Garrett are some of the other wide receivers looking to make big names for themselves this spring and summer.

The “Liberian Nightmare” runs hard in the classroom as he does on the field. With a 4.4 G.P.A and honors recognition as a national IB student, Issac Ricks is no stranger to working hard. He’ll captain the running game along with some young players who will provide change of pace. They’ll be running behind offensive linemen Nycholas Woodard (sr) and Salik McCrae (sophomore) two outstanding linemen who head a very talented group. The offensive line may be one of the most talented in the city as a whole. But McCrae and Woodard don’t plan to keep their aggressiveness just on the offensive side of the ball. They also play defense.

On defense the action was packed with hard hits and good technique. Good practice habits make good game habits.

Tavion Parker will rush the passer as the defensive tackles collapse the pocket on opponents.Damion Mullins is a young promising defensive tackle who has impressed this spring. Linebacker Chris Courtney is a great tackler who looks to live up to his nick name the “Wiz”. Bobby Brown is a new corner who is a transfer from Bishop Kenny. Reginald Garrett will mentor the secondary unit and look to make plays with Long on the back end.

It’s truly an exciting time to be a Brave, and they get to exude the enthusiasm on the field in the spring game.