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Spring Football is Here; Time to Make A Splash!

Spring Football is upon us once again as practice offically starts for the 2016-2017 season. Spring Football is where the current juniors begin the process of learning how to lead as seniors next year. Spring Football is where the coaches become acclimated with each other’s coaching styles. Spring Football is where a freshman can make a name for himself by catching the eye of the coaches.


No matter what grade your in, how big or small, or how fast or slow you are, the most important thing coaches want to see in spring football is your heart. The moment you step on that field, you must decide how bad you want to play this game, or how willing you are to become a leader. Some people say leaders are born and not made, well in spring football born leaders become made men. Earning not only the respect of your peers, but the regard of the coaches.


Leaders lead by example, not by rhetoric and words. What you did last year is now apart of the historical museum of “Nobody Gives a care!” Living off the laurels of last season is the number one reason potential leaders and stars impload on themselves. As a leader, show your underclassmen( 9th, & 10th, graders) teammates how to work and how to act, because it takes a team to win in the fall. New guys be humble yet confident. Respect the veterans by not saying much, but show the old heads by being willing to get to the front of the line of drills. Your mentality in the school hallways should change once you step on the field. You could be best of friends or even brothers in the hallways, but the moment you step on the field it’s all about competition. Make underclassmen marvel at the way you morph into a new person. Not a dirty player but a fierce and determined player. As a underclassmen, make upperclassmen think about their position constantly. Let them know that you are willing and able to take their spot by the effort you give on the practice field.


But above anything that I’ve said in this article; if you don’t do anything I’ve mentioned, make sure you do this..

Never stop until the whistle blows.. Never stop until the whistle blows… Never stop until the whistle blows…  

It’s time to make your splash!