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St. Johns County Middle School Football Schedule

JULINGTON CREEK-The 2017 St. Johns County Middle School Football season is just weeks away, kicking off Aug 23 at various locations.

The season kicks off with a bang with 2016 playoff participants Gamble Rogers and Swiss Point meeting in the season opener.

The 10 team league features Swiss Point, Gamble Rogers, Fruit Cove, Liberty Pines, Murray, Sebastian, Landrum, Patriot Oaks, Pacetti Bay and Valley Ridge.


Week 1, Aug 23

Gamble Rogers vs Swiss Point (Plantation), 5

Liberty at Murray, 5

Sebastian vs Landrum (Cornerstone), 5

Patriot Oaks at Pacetti Bay, 5

Valley Ridge vs Fruit Cove (Plantation), 7


Week 2, Aug 30-31

30-Landrum vs Fruit Cove (Plantation), 5

30-Sebastian at Gamble Rogers, 5

30-Murray at Pacetti Bay, 5

30-Valley Ridge vs Liberty Pines (Plantation), 7

31-Patriot Oaks vs Swiss Point (2209), 5


Week 3, Sept 6-7

6-Murray vs Fruit Cove (Plantation), 5

6-Gamble Rogers vs Landrum (Cornerstone) 5

6-Valley Ridge at Pacetti Bay, 5

7-Sebastian vs Swiss Point, (2209) 5

7-Patriot Oaks vs Liberty Pines (2209) 7


Week 4, Sept 13

Sebastian vs Fruit Cove (Plantation), 5

Valley Ridge at Gamble Rogers, 5

Swiss Point at Murray, 5

Liberty Pines at Pacetti Bay, 5

Landrum vs Patriot Oaks (Plantation), 7


Week 5, Sept 20-21

20-Murray at Gamble Rogers, 5

20-Landrum vs Liberty Pines (Plantation Park) 5

20-Swiss Point at Pacetti Bay, 5

20-Sebastian vs Valley Ridge (Davis), 5

21-Patriot Oaks vs Fruit Cove (Creekside), 5


Week 6, Sept 26

Gamble Rogers at U.C., 5:30


Week 7, Oct 4-5

4-Fruit Cove at Gamble Rogers, 5

4-Landrum vs Valley Ridge (Davis), 5

4-Murray vs Patriot Oaks (Plantation), 5

4-Sebastian at Pacetti Bay, 5

5-Swiss Point vs Liberty Pines (Bartram Trail), 5


Week 8, Oct 11

Swiss Point vs Landrum (Cornerstone), 5

Valley Ridge at Murray, 5

Gamble Rogers at Pacetti Bay, 5

Sebastian vs Patriot Oaks (Plantation), 5

Liberty Pines vs Fruit Cove (Plantation), 7


Week 9, Oct 18

Patriot Oaks at Gamble Rogers, 5

Murray vs Landrum (Cornerstone), 5

Sebastian vs Liberty Pines (Plantation), 5

Fruit Cove vs Pacetti Bay, 5

Valley Ridge vs Swiss Point (Plantation), 7


Week 10, Oct 25

Liberty Pines at Gamble Rogers, 5

Pacetti Bay vs Landrum (Cornerstone), 5

Sebastian at Murray, 5

Valley Ridge vs Patriot Oaks (Plantation), 5

Swiss Point vs Fruit Cove (Plantation), 7


Week 11, Nov 1

Semi-final, 5

Semi-final, 7


Week 12, TBA

Championship game