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Stallions Blaze in Glory In Blazing Sun!

The Northside Stallions were unstoppable against the Clay Bears.

The 8U Stallions’ defense was ball hungry the entire game. The defense forced fumbles, caught several interceptions, and tipped the ball numerous times throughout the game. Defensive line man, No. 22 Kristian Kimbel, was the hungriest for the ball. Kimbel sacked the QB and stripped the ball inside the Bear’s 18 yard line. The offensive players were thirstier for Touchdowns then they were for water in the 85 degree sun. Touchdowns were made by No. 4 Mikahi Parsons and No. 1 Jayshawn Wanton. Wanton also ran the ball in for the PAT.

The 8U Bears were very competitive in the game. At halftime the Bears were leading with a score of 7-8. The TD was scored by No. 1 Tyrone Neal. The Bears offense received the 2-point conversion as well. The Bears defense was aggressive throughout the game. The defense picked off an interception at the seven but there was a flag for holding on the Bears that erased the hopes of getting an easy touchdown.

Final: 14-8  Stallions

As for the 10U game, the Stallions came out sprinting over the Bears. Before halftime, the Stallions led by 2 touchdowns both made by No. 1 Sharon Dorsey and No. 7 Jordan Smith. However, the team missed both PATs giving them the led 12-0 at halftime. After halftime, the offense continued to run up and down the field against the Bears. No. 5 Micheal Daniels Jr., No. 3 Devon Sinclair, and Dorsey scored TDs. The defense was vigorous from star to finish as they tipped many balls, forced fumbles, and allowed minimum yardage on plays.

The Stallions move the chains

The Stallions move the continue to move the chains

No. 56 on the Stallions and No. 7 on the Bears got into an altercation that resulted in both players being ejected from the game.

The altercation between the Bears' No. 7 and the Stallions' No. 56

The altercation between the Bears’ No. 7 and the Stallions’ No. 56

The Bears’ offense could not come back from the loss of No. 7. They did however maintain an 100 percent effort throughout the game but, could not get anything going from the loss of their star player. The defense faced several problems in the game. The main problem was the defensive line missing blocks and lack of penetration against the Stallions’ offensive line.

No. 1 Hook attempts to complete the pass

No. 1 Hook attempts to complete the pass

This was an exciting contest between two geat youth football programs. The youth sports community is excited to see how both teams respond in their games next week.

Final 33-0 Stallions


Special Thanks to the Clay Bears, Northside Stallions & Ridgeview High School for their support of youth sports in the community.



Photos by: Claudius Hines



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  1. donnie walker

    September 28, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    Y u didn’t tell how the stallions 6u got shut out by the clay bears 6u nd lost 18-0

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