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UC Soldiers Undefeated After Big Moves

There was an old slogan used by former wrestling organization World Championship Wrestling, or ” WCW”. The slogan went ” WCW, this is where the big boys play”. It went to signify that only the biggest and best athletes can hang in their organization. Some how this moniker has trickled its way into the youth football ranks, as many believe this same notion applies. The notion that only the big boys play in the unlimited weight leagues. Now no one can definitively answer that question. But what can be answered, and is being asserted the first two weeks of the SJRYFC season, is that good programs can play in any league. The 10U UC Soldiers proved that last week after gaining their second win of the season.

The 10U UC Soldiers defeated the Ocala Pride 14-12 to move to 2-0 on their season. A feat many did not believe was possible for a second year program moving from a weight restricted league to a weight unlimited league. The Soldiers defeat of Ocala was one of great prominence, seeing that the Pride won the SJRYFC championship last year. It was a win that revealed a lot about Head Coach Jason Spark’s team. “We fell behind in that game, but our players didn’t quit. They showed tremendous heart battling back and getting the victory, I’m very proud of them”.

Some of the players leading the Soldiers are Quarterback / Linebacker TJ Jones, Tight End/ Linebacker Cody Boschell, and Fullback/Defensive Lineman Jovan Johnson. Johnson’s two rushing touchdowns and 10 tackles earned him our player of the week honors for week one in their victory over the Gainesville Ducks. He scored again in week two, lifting the Soldiers to victory over the Pride.

Jovan Johnson interview @49:40

The Soldiers have caught the attention of many around the league as new kids on the block, but they have a tough challenge ahead as they get ready to face the undefeated FLA Vikings. It’s a game that the team has anticipated all year. Yet it’s an atmosphere that the team has already been exposed to and excelled in. With the spotlight on them, look for the Soldiers to continue to make big moves against another big opponent, and prove that they can indeed play with the big boys.


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