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Wolfson Defeats Ribault in Home Opener!!

Wolfson High School

Ribault was in good spirits and having lots of fun during their game versus Wolfson Wednesday night. Their positive demeanor was a stark contrast to the result of the game as the Wolfpack defeated the Trojans 13-3. Wolfson’s big time play shouldn’t be contributed to just one person, however Center Fielder Jarred Mason’s play at the plate stood out to both teammates, coaches, and fans in attendance. Mason drove in runs and players such as 2nd baseman #2 Earnest Bell hustled on every play.


Ribault wasn’t defeated in the hustle category as they played with good energy all the way to the end. They however, were defeated in the mental category, making careless mistakes that ultimately cost them the game. The Trojan’s coaching staff has high expectations for their players and will expect a better showing from them next game.


As for the Wolfpack and Coach Chairovicz the focus is on each other. Wolfson was observed with a business like approach even after the  win. You can tell that the team plays for one another, an attribute champions posses. Only time will tell if a championship is a reality for the Pack!




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