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Wolverines Shine Amidst The Clouds Today! 8U Wolverines Vs Gators 28-0 : 10U Wolverines Vs Gators 13-0

Before the 10U Wolverines team took the field, the 8U played the Star Ready Gators and won the game with an impressive score of 28-0. The key player for the 8U team was #3 QB and PR Julio Santiago. Santiago scored 3TDs in the game; two were punt returns and the other was a QB sneak.

Back to the 10U game, the Wolverines were in control of the game from start to finish. The Wolverines scored 2 touchdowns against the Star Ready Gators but missed a PAT- giving the Wolverines 13 points. The TDs were scored by No. 7 WR Kyle Boyleston and No. 23 Omarion Patterson. The entire team was worth highlighting as fantastic plays were made by both the defense and offense in this game. The offense continued to move the chains in game. The defense forced several fumbles and stopped plays on the line of scrimmage.


Even though the Star Ready Gators did not score in this game, it does not mean that they did not give it an 100% effort. No. 7 on the Star Ready Gators ran a 50 yard run, and caught an interception. The offense did enter the redzone numerous times. However, they failed to complete the drive for touchdowns. All in all, this was a competitive game, and fans can look forward to seeing these two teams play again possibly in the playoffs.



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