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Youth Football Power Rankings! Sept 5th-12th!



1.Gainesville Panthers-


2. Clay Bears (Blue)


3. F.L.A Vikings


4. Woodland Acres


5. Flagler





2. Clay Blue-


3. Bradford-


4.Star Ready-


5. Gainesville Panthers



  1. Clay Bears


2. Star Ready


3. Gainesville Panthers-


4. F.L.A





  1. F.L.A


2. Star Ready


3. Flagler


4. Brentwood


5. East Marion


Pop Warner 

Junior Pee Wee Div I

  1. Forest View Steelers


2. Grand Park Trojans


3. Sweet Water Ravens


4. Westside Wildcats


5. Lake Shore Red




Check out some of the other Pre-season Pop Warner Rankings Below!  


Junior Pee Wee D2/D3

  1. NAA Cowboys Blue
  2. Sweet Water
  3. Oceanway Blue
  4. West Duval
  5. Arlington Black



Pee Wee D1

  1. Grand Park
  2. Westside
  3. Sweet Water
  4. MAA Tigers
  5. CFL Outlaws

Pee Wee D2

  1. Normandy
  2. Arlington
  3. CYAA
  4. WDYA
  5. BYAA

Junior Midget 

  1. MAA Tigers
  2. GPAA Seahawks,
  3. FVAA Tigers
  4. WFL Wildcats,
  5. OSA Black Bucs,


Unlimited Weight

  1. SWAA,
  2. GPAA,
  3. MAA Tigers,
  4. LSAA
  5. BYAA



  • Duval Sports does not acknowledge 6U, Tiny Mite or Mighty Mite Power Rankings and scores on our score board . We view those divisions as competitive but developmental stages for teaching the game. Please feel free to leave scores/ rankings/ player info about those teams and divisions in our comments section below. You can also tweet us the info and we will retweet your scores and highlights concerning these divisions too. *




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