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Youth Football Power Rankings Oct 3rd

Alright we’re halfway through the seasons and teams are establishing themselves as powerhouses in their respected divisions. Check out our rankings at the midway point of the youth football season!


Pop Warner:

JPW Div- I

  1. Westside Wildcats
  2. Sweetwater Ravens
  3. Forestview Steelers
  4. Grandpark Trojans
  5. Lake Shore Red Raiders
  • Westside leap frogs Forestview thanks to their impressive win over Grandpark and Mandarin. They’ve had the harder schedule of the teams so far. But Forestview is still a number one team. Sweetwater is firmly at #2. I know they will be eager to show why they should be number one today when sweetwater and westside go head to head!!!



  1. Pablo Creek
  2. Kooker Park
  3. West Duval
  4. Arlington
  5. NAA Cowboys Blue
  • Pablo Creek scored 53 points in a game last week. You dont see that every day in the running clock area. Kooker Park answered the questions of who was the better #2 team in the division after defeating West Duval. They must now prove that they deserve to be #1.



  1. Oceanway Blue Bucs
  2. Mandarin Tigers Blue
  3. Westside Wildcats Blue
  4. Arlington Seminoles Black
  5. Creeks Outlaws Black
  • Oceanway can sweep their division today with a win over Sweetwater. Mandarin Tigers Blue have a huge test against the Forestview Steelers that could shake up JPW if they win. Westside Blue, Arlington, and Creeks Black are all evenly matched teams with Westside being a little more talented.


Pee Wee Div-I

  1. Sweetwater Hawks
  2. Grandpark Trojans
  3. North Florida
  4. Scott Park
  5. Forestview
  • Sweetwater is the team to beat in this division. However, there are other teams that will challenge them. One in particular is North Florida. They have some talent over and they play hungry.Should be a good one between them and Grandpark today.  Scott Park can make some noise in this division, but Forestview gets a shot to take down Sweetwater like their Junior Midget team did.


Pee Wee Div II

  1. Normandy
  2. Arlington
  3. CYAA
  4. West Duval
  5. BYAA

*Its Normandy’s division to lose.. And they wont. Their toughest test was Arlington and they took care of them already.  CYAA, West Duval and BYAA need to challenge Arlngton.


Junior Midget Div-I

  1. Forestview
  2. Grandpark
  3. Sweetwater
  4. Westside
  5. Mandarin
  • Forestview’s impressive win over sweetwater earlier this year set the tone for this division. Westside can gain ground on Sweetwater today.

Junior Midget Div II

  1. Normandy
  2. Pablo Creek
  3. Arlington
  4. Jax Beach
  • Normandy and Pablo Creek showdown today will be a good one!



  1. Grandpark
  2. Sweetwater
  3. Lake  Shore
  4. Mandarin
  5. Arlington
  • Grandpark and Sweetwater seem to always be in the thick of the things. But Grandpark gets the slight nod in our poll.


Pop Warner Standings Click HERE



  1. Gainesville Panthers
  2. Clay Bears
  3. Bradford
  4. Flagler
  5. Woodland Acres
  • The records don’t lie and the one eyed monster doesn’t either The Panthers are good, but there are several other teams eager to challenge them.



  1. Gainesville Panthers
  2. F.L.A Vikings
  3. Bradford
  4. Woodland Acres
  5. Villages
  • There was a thought that we’ve put a bullseye on Gainesville’s back by ranking them so high. We believe the bullseye was placed there once they went against Woodland Acres earlier in the season.



  1. Clay Bears
  2. Gainesville Panthers
  3. Woodland Acres Wolverines
  4. F.L.A Vikings
  5. Jax Pal
  • We were told this team was the best in 12U and they haven’t disappointed. Clay has been taking care of business each week.



  1. F.L.A Vikings
  2. Clay Bears
  3. Star Ready
  4. Brentwood
  5. Flagler

*F.L.A 14U is the cream of the crop although Clay should be 1B. It’s going to be some moving and shaking in this division when its all said and done.


For Standings click SJRYFC Standings



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