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Youth Football Power Rankings



1.Gainesville Panthers-

We had a chance to catch Woodland Acres in their jamboree and they looked good. After defeating Woodland Acres 41-0 last week Gainesville seems poised to run over everyone in their division .

2. Clay Bears (Blue)

A shut out is impressive in any right, but when you do it on the road that makes it even more impressive against Moncrief

3. F.L.A Vikings

They took care of Brentwood last week in a shut out. This team will compete with anyone they play against.

4. Flagler

They shut out Mandarin last week and proved that they belong in the discussion

5. Woodland Aces-

Tough loss last week, but this team is still good and will bounce back!



They put a hurtin’ on Brentwood last week. They belong up here with that performance until a team proves otherwise

2. Clay Blue-

What an impressive win last week by this team. they seem to have alot of play making ability which can bust a game wide open any time.

3. Bradford-

There is alot of talk coming from Bradford county about this team. And though we are Duval Sports, Bradford can get some love too! We hear their pretty good. We’ll see in the coming weeks.

4.Star Ready-

They had a great game against Middleburg last week. Anytime you can 46 points on someone wit ha running clock you deserve some attention

5. Gainesville Panthers

It was a slug fest with Woodland Acres but they got the victory. A 1-0 start for the Panthers is all that matters in the end


  1. Clay Bears

We like the way this team plays and looks on the field. confident, athletic, and cohesive. When you have that you have something special

2. Star Ready

They look ready to take this division by storm after throwing up 53 last week. Look for them to make some serious noise this season

3. Gainesville Panthers-

They squeezed out a close one against Woodland Acres, a good team in their own right. Something positive to build on this week against West Augustine.

4. F.L.A


Both of these teams played another great , close hard fought game. In our book they deserve recognition on our power rankings win or lose, this week. But F.L.A won so they get the edge in their spot over Brentwood


  1. F.L.A

Until someone knocks them off in Duval it’s their spot to lose.

2. Star Ready

They are storming the beach like D -Day! Lets see if they can make this season one to remember in 14U

3. Flagler

A promising team with lots of potential

4. East Marion

A blowout win last week caught our attention lets see if they can keep it up down there!

5. Brentwood

The beasts from Brentwood come to bring it every week. Let’s see if they can move up as the season progresses.

Pop Warner 

Junior Pee Wee Div I

  1. Forest View Steelers

Coach Wesley has a squad this year. It’s going to be a good season for them

2. Grand Park Trojans

This team went very far in the playoffs from  Jacksonville  and look for them to do it again this year.

3. Sweet Water Ravens

They’ve suffered the injury bug this off-season, but look for them to play the next man up. They’ll be good as always

4. Westside Wildcats

A promising team with a promising outlook. If they can put it all together again this year.

5. Scott Park

The Gators looked good in the jamboree. They have a good chance to do some chomping this season



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Junior Pee Wee D2/D3

  1. NAA Cowboys Blue
  2. CYAA Wolverines
  3. Forest View Cobras
  4. West Duval
  5. PFAA Rattlers



Pee Wee D1

  1. Sweetwater
  2. Westside
  3. Grand Park
  4. Lake Shore
  5. CFL Outlaws

Pee Wee D2

  1. Normandy
  2. CYAA
  3. Arlington
  4. West Duval
  5. BYAA

Junior Midget 

  1. MAA Tigers
  2. GPAA Seahawks,
  3. WFL Wildcats,
  4. SWAA Falcons,
  5. OSA Black Bucs,


Unlimited Weight

  1. GPAA Panthers,
  2. SWAA Eagles,
  3. LSAA Raiders,
  4. Arlington
  5. MAA Tigers



  • Duval Sports does not acknowledge 6U, Tiny Mite or Mighty Mite Power Rankings and scores on our score board . We view those divisions as competitive but developmental stages for teaching the game. Please feel free to leave scores/ rankings/ player info about those teams and divisions in our comments section below. You can also tweet us the info and we will retweet your scores and highlights concerning these divisions too. *




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