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Attitude Adjustment underway at Stanton

When Stanton College Prep  returned to playing football in the late 90’s, I was a senior at Sandalwood High School. We played them in the fall jamboree of 1998 and I remember everyone being just happy that the football program was back at Stanton. There wasn’t much expectation for them to actually win any games at that time, but that team still played hard. Fast forward 16 years and after an 0-10 season, expectations for the blue devils are low once again.  Yet there is a sense in the air that Stanton will be formidable this year, and that sense is one that originates from the team itself.

Stanton lost 17 seniors to graduation. At many other football programs, this would be considered a rebuilding year. But not at Stanton… This year is seen as an opportunity to change they style of preparation, change the style of play, and change the style of performance by each individual player.

As a senior, DL/OL Brandon Linzmaier knows exactly what a change can do for his team. With only three seniors on the team, he knows that it takes an enthusiastic player to be first in drills to set the example for the young kids.


OL/DL Brandon Linzmaier

” It gets difficult leading sometimes, but I like teaching and setting the example ( for my teammates).  He began his football career at Mandarin Middle and gained the knowledge there that was needed to play at the next level in high school.



FS/WR Pat Tabor played youth football at Mandarin and moved on to play at James Weldon Johnson. He states that a key to their success this year is for the under class-men to step up . ” I think this years group of kids is a pretty positive group and we won’t fall as easy {as opposed to last year)”. That’s got to bring a smile to Coach Ray Tiller Sr face. As he preaches intensity, effort and technique to his team to win games.


DS Stanton 3

WR/FS Pat Tabor


08/29/2014 7:00 PM EDT at Duncan U. Fletcher High School Jack Taylor Stadium
09/05/2014 7:00 PM EDT Baldwin Middle-Senior High School Stanton
09/19/2014 7:00 PM EDT at Paxon School for Advanced Studies Eagle’s Field *
09/26/2014 7:00 PM EDT Jean Ribault High School Stanton *
10/03/2014 7:00 PM EDT WestsideHigh School Stanton *
10/10/2014 7:00 PM EDT at Samuel W. Wolfson High School Wolfpack Stadium *
10/17/2014 7:00 PM EDT at Bishop Kenny High School Bishop Kenny High School *
10/23/2014 7:00 PM EDT Baker County High School Stanton *
10/30/2014 7:00 PM EDT Yulee High School Stanton *
11/07/2014 7:00 PM EST at Englewood High School Englewood High School


Outlook: It’s hard to predict an improvement from last season after losing so many seniors and having only three left on the squad. But there is something about the young players maturity, and Coach Tiller’s poise that sat well with me when I  visited.  Based on this, if the team remains close and nit I believe Stanton will upset one or two teams on the schedule.




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