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Duuuuuval’s Game of the Week!! Raines at Ed White

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The year was 1998 late in the fall season and my teammates at Sandalwood had just finished a late practice. We were eager to get home and watch the football game that night. No it wasn’t Thursday Night NFL or even college football… this was Raines vs Ed White.  Now remember this was before the days of ESPN showing high school football, or twitter and Facebook. This game was so big that it appeared on the sunshine network,  a regional sports network in Florida. This was a big deal back in 1998! The game most certainly lived up to the hype , with Raines coming from behind late in the 4th quarter to win. But more importantly, a rivalry was born.

Fast forward 16 years later to 2014, and now the rivalry is as much apart of Duval tradition as is the Georgia/Florida game.  These two teams are fierce competitors, infused with raw talent, and when it comes down to it, they just plain don’t like one another. I had a chance to visit with both teams before their big game today. Let’s start with Ed White.

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