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High School Power Rankings Week #4

There’s been some major movement in the power rankings this week. Some teams are not who we thought they were, and some teams are clearly contenders after their showing this week.


#1  First Coast

First Coast went into their game last week seemingly with something to prove, and boy did they prove it. When this team clicks on all cylinders like that, they are the best in the State! 

#2. Bolles

Bolles was used to blowing teams out at the start of the season, however North Marion gave them an early match. This is no slight to Bolles though, the Colts are a pretty good team. But the Bulldogs stay undefeated and move up a spot

#3. Trinity

If you’ve been following the rankings you know that Trinity has been #1 for several weeks. So I’m sure your wondering what did they do to drop in the rankings? Well, its not what they did but rather what they haven’t done. They are very good, but haven’t played many games nor top competition thus far. If they step up the competition they’ll move back up in the rankings.

#4. Columbia

That was a big win versus Bucholtz. The Tigers own Gainesville right now  after two wins against two of the city’s powerhouse programs.

#5. Fletcher 

The Senators completely dominated a good Sandalwood team last week. This is how a great team responds to a close loss the week before. This team moves up two spots. Deserves to be in the conversation in the top five.

#6. Clay

They handled their business against Orange Park thereby staying put in  our rankings. “They are who we thought they were!”

#7. Raines– In all the years of watching High School football, we’ve never seen a good team get beat 62-7. The Vikings have a brutal schedule but are a good team. But last week they were horrible.

#8. Ed White

The Commanders faced a tough Mandarin team last week, but showed they just have to much talent across the board. We’ll see if this talent can climb them back into the top five before season’s end.

#9. Atlantic Coast

This team just keeps on winning and winning big. Don’t sleep on the Singrays. They are beating the opponents they should beat, and beating their opponents how they should.

#10. Introducing Providence to our top ten for the first time this year. A big win last week versus Baker County moved them from the outside looking in, to the inside looking up.

Outside looking in :

St. Augustine, Lee, Sandalwood




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