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Power Rankings: High School Week #8

The crisp autumn air is upon us here in North East Florida. It’s the type of weather that signifies fall football on the first coast. As we embark on week # 8 of the season, many teams have shaken up the field with upsets and unexpected blowouts. Let’s see just how much our Week # 8 power rankings were shaken after last week.



1. Trinity- Godby came all the way from Tallahassee to test the conquers last week. It was a long ride back down I-10 after being dominated by the best team in our area right now. A loss Thursday to a top program like IMG Academy won’t phase these rankings.

2. First Coast- Jackson was a nice tune up for their district duel vs Flagler this weekend. The question still remains, which First Coast team are we going to see? The one that blew out Raines, or the one that struggled against Mandarin. It goes without saying that either first coast team is still worth the #1 or #2 spot on our rankings.

3. Raines – The Vikings find themselves at #3, the highest they’ve been on our power rankings this year. Their win over Fletcher last week was extremely impressive. I don’t think Coach Wiley even knows how good his team really can be yet.

4. Ed White-  The last time the Commanders were ranked this high was our Week #1 power rankings . That landscape looked totally different than today’s. One reason is because White absolutely destroyed Columbia on their home field last week. When one team wins that big and the other loses that big the landscape is sure to be altered greatly.  They’ll battle long time rival Lee this week.



5. Oakleaf- The Knights are  proving they are one of the best teams in the area. They’ve done nothing but ascend all year. Further proof of this was on display Thursday night as they defeated Buchholz.

6. Providence- You may ask, ” How does a team go from the outside looking in  the week before, to being ranked #6 this week?? Well two reasons……..             #1- Four top 10 teams lost last week, and #2. Providence is just that darn good.

7. Bolles– No matter that they lost to American Heritage last week, a top 10 team in the entire state. The question on everyone’s mind is are they truly better than undefeated teams like Oakleaf and Providence who are in their own backyard.

8. Fletcher- The Senators lost a game that could’ve proved they are a true powerhouse in the region. Not saying that they arn’t… but now they have to prove it all over again.

9. Mandarin- Does this shock you?? Well it shouldn’t. Ok Ok I know you haven’t seen Mandarin on our rankings this year except  ” the outside looking in”. But after taking First Coast to the brink and playing Ed White competitive you’ve gotta look at them. Then factoring in what those aforementioned teams did to their opponents.. like First Coast blowing out Raines, or White demolishing Columbia. You tend to have a better appreciation for what the Mustangs are doing over there.

10. Columbia – After their performance last week, it’s hard keeping the Tigers as a top 10 team. But as a former player you understand that ” Momma said there would be days like last Friday”  We believe the Tigers are still a good team that just played an incredibly bad game.

 Outside looking in:

Clay, Westside, St. Augustine



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